Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Prayer is a wonderful thing.  Last night I prayed that my cousin would be ok after her 12 hour surgery (removal of spinal tumors and vertebrae, replacing bone with metal rods).  This led to a dream of me taking care of her 7 children, 3 of which are adults.  I haven't spent much time with my cousin's children during my life since they live so far away (northern Louisiana).  But my cousin, S, was always the person I looked up to and admired.  So in my dream I made it my mission to care for her children as though they were not strangers, but as though we'd always known each other.  I played Civil War with the young boys and played in the kitchen with the older girls.

Prayer works.  S came through surgery just fine.  She'll be in recovery through the weekend, but will hopefully get to go home soon.  Her parents are coming in this weekend to stay with my parents; we're all going to travel to Houston to visit her in the hospital.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Save a River

Talk about crazy dreams last night! *spoilers*

First I dreamt I was the Doctor's companion.  I tell him I'm going to pop back in the Tardis for a bit for something.  I then take the controls and time travel to find River Song.  My goal is to warn her of her impending death in "Forest of the Dead."  She tries not to listen but I then explain that that's the day the Doctor first meets her.  After that day she'll never see him again, which is why she sacrifices herself anyway. *cue alarm so I never get to save her*

I'm at home when I realize something hasn't happened in over a month.  I take a certain kind of test to find that I'm 6 weeks something or other. SQUEE.