Friday, February 25, 2011

"And the next American Idol is..."

Ok first off?  I do NOT watch AI.  I did the first season, just because it was new.  After that?  Nope.  Too mind-melting for me.  So.... Last night's dream (what I remember) was cut short; not because of the alarm, but because I woke up really needing to use the... ahem... facilities (honestly, how do you politely say you need to pee?!).

I'm in a studio watching an interview of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.  The interviewer asks if they've ever had any musical upbringing.  They then break out in a haunting duet.  I'm in the corner crying because I want to push Karen out of the way so I can sing with Matt.

Then I wake up. Two freaking minutes before my alarm goes off.  That'll teach me to drink a glass of milk before bed...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Starship UK

Last night's dream really shook me up.  I had no problem when my alarm went off this morning, minus the pains that accompany falling down the stairs.  Yes, I fell down the stairs last night.  The 3rd time in about 5 months.  I'm such a klutz.  Didn't help that I was on the phone with Victoria when it happened; she got to hear the horrible sounds.

I'm on a space ship with the Doctor.  We're trying to find Rory because the aliens nabbed him and threatened to do medical experiments on him.  He and I end up running into young Kirsten Dunst (think Interview with a Vampire).  She starts following us around on the ship (sorta like on Aliens).  She gets separated from us, which I'm ok with because she's annoying.  Sometime later she finds us again, only she can't see.  She tells the Doctor that the aliens took out her hippocampus (side note: a hippocampus is a mythological sea creature. I want one.  Oh, apparently it's a brain thing too.  Dang...).  The Doctor and I both look at her suspiciously since the hippocampus has nothing to do with eyesight.  I tell her to backtrack 10 steps so she's "out of danger".  While she's off doing that, the Doctor and I shimmy up a ladder into an attic-type space.  There we find medical files on everyone that's been experimented on, including Rory.  He's had some... um... "work" done on his... well.... "down there".  

Cue alarm.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"And I said Doctor, Doctor"

Once again, Matt Smith made an appearance in my dreams.  The details are a bit vague.  I went to bed with a severe backache, which is still hanging around, so I didn't sleep a lot.  But I do remember MS was a doctor, but not The Doctor.  More like a psychiatrist.  He had me on his couch trying to get in my head.  All I could talk about was Kevin stealing my lunch.  Perhaps he could be a real doctor and make me better.  Wait, that sounds really bad....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Yes, I had another Doctor Who (Matt Smith) dream.  It was most excellent!

I'm standing in line at Disney World with my sister-in-law waiting to get ice cream.  I'm tempted to just get a scoop of everything, just because it looks amazingly delicious and I wasn't paying :)  We get our ice cream then head out to the jungle where I'm the 6 year old daughter of a jungle man.  Kinda half-Tarzan, half-George of the Jungle.  Anyway, these weird snakes start to crowd me and I think I'm about to be bit, when one of the cobras starts speaking me.  Yeah, I think I'm a parseltongue.  Well the snake turns out to be Roger from American Dad in disguise.  He says he's trying to get into a high school production of "Two and a Half Men", only they won't let adults audition.  All of a sudden I'm my real age again so I head to the school to investigate.  I see the Doctor sitting in the audience so I make my way next to him.  After the show we head to the rafters to see why we couldn't find Rory.  Turns out there's a curse of sorts on the theater and school.  Rory's head is detached but he's still alive.  We reattach his head then try to leave.  We find out the curse is "there has to be an adult in the school at all times or evil things will happen."  Hmm, crazy.  So we decide to sit through another production and sneak out.  Only everyone else has the same idea.  The Doctor is determined to save his friends so he tells me to leave and he'll figure out a way to get Rory out.  I fight the masses to make my way back to him.  "I won't leave you, not like this."  "It's ok," he says, "I'll always be with you."  Of course I'm still upset so I give him the biggest kiss ever, tell him I love him, and that I'll see him on the outside.  I make my way just outside the school where I discover these weird troll/garden gnome figurines.  The Doctor and Rory try to leave but as soon as they step out the door, the figurines turn into giant life-size monsters and start chasing us.  I run through a field and figure that running in the creek will hide me from them.  I finally get back to the Tardis where the Doctor has Rory safe and sound and he's making out with Amy.  (Rory and Amy that is).  So they're making out, and the Doctor and I profess our love for one another, yet again.

l to r: Amy, the Doctor, Rory

And dash it all if the alarm doesn't go off this morning.  Stupid work, I could've had some more good DW dreams!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Curiouser and curiouser

The past couple days have been a bit hectic, between sick chirrens and lack of sleep.  But it's better!  Though the lack of sleep means I didn't dream a lot.  I barely remember last nights.

Something about going to Huntsville for a reunion, ending up in a restaurant, holding my friend's sick child while another friend played with her pet squirrel.

Like I said, I don't remember much of it.  So to make up for it, I will post a dream I had from several weeks ago before I started blogging.  This one just went to my Doctor Who fan-friends :)

It starts out I'm in some parallel universe with 11 

(so adorable).  We're trying to figure out why a family has spaghetti for dinner every night (yeah, it's weird).  All the lights are off in the house and we're sneaking around, trying not to get caught.  All of a sudden I see a figure off to the left.  I softly whisper to 11 "we're a couple, play along."  That seems to be ok with him since he wants to do more than play along (not graphic, I promise!).  We end up running outside and  hiding in a tree.  Once the coast is clear we make it back to the Tardis where we're transported to 2000 (weird, I know) where we're at the football field in Livingston for a graduation party (only it's much nicer in my dream than in real life).  I'm climbing the bleachers (for some reason the dream-bleachers are pyramid-shaped and the party is on the other side.  Why you can't just go around the bottom, I don't know...) when I pass by 10.  Wait, what?  Yeah, 11 had reverse-regenerated back into 10. 

 He wants to get back together.  "Umm, your future self wanted to break up since I'm older than him (by a whole freakin year), so why?" "Well,-"

Dog jumps on the bed waking me up.  Dang it!

Yep, that dream occurred waaaay back in November.  I'm full of these gems :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

High life and times

I had a momentary scare: I thought I'd forgotten last night's dream!  It was a pretty good one too, if you count hot men and scary monsters as "good".

I'm on train headed for... well, I really don't know where we were headed, but it was somewhere and it was Old West-y.  And I really don't know who my party was, except they seemed like friends.  Anyway...  We're on the train and I get the chance to drive it.  I'm excited, I mean, who actually gets to drive a train?!  So I'm sitting in the conductor's seat, which is more like a tractor seat in this dream.  All of a sudden some bandits start chasing the train, thinking they can hijack it.  I'm all "no way you're getting MY train" and I stab one of the bandit girls in the head with my weird looking knife.  So I start driving the train again only to arrive at the next stop and the bandits are there.  They want revenge on me for hurting their girl, so I hide behind the caboose.  They end up detaching that car and take the rest of the train with them.  I'm now stuck with nothing but a caboose and Jacob Black.  Umm, I don't remember calling for a werewolf, and if I did, my first choice would NOT be him.  I start crying that I'm all alone.  Out of nowhere my hero, my savior, my everything shows up to take me away.  Who is it?  Jason Segel!  

Apparently we have a thing.  He takes me for a ride on his horse (twss hehehe) and somehow we end up in Sally Sparrow's house (for the non-Doctor Who peeps, that's series 3 w/Tennant).  Guess what we're faced with?  Weeping Angels, NOOOOOO!!!  Again, non-DW peeps: the weeping angels are the scariest DW monsters to me.  When you're looking at them they're angelic and peaceful, but if you blink, they become fangy and freak me out.

So Jason and I trying not to blink, which is a heckuva lot harder than it should be.  Lo and behold, who should show up to save us (me) but Matt Smith!  Yeah, I have a thing for the Doctor.  And bowties.  Bowties are cool

He took me to my uncle's house where we had soup.  And cake.  Cake is cool.

I don't really remember much after that.  I think I woke up, wondered why my alarm hadn't went off, tried to go back to sleep, only to wake up to the sound of my alarm going off.

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Call me butter, cuz I'm on a roll"

Two awesome dream nights in a row?  SWEET

I'm sitting at home with my two roommates, Josh and Aiden (from Being Human) when Aiden gets a serious craving for blood (being a vampire and all).  He gets his private stash of blood donations (from the hospital) and sits down to an evening meal.  For some reason I get so thirsty that I too tear open a bag and start drinking the blood.  I can't figure out what's wrong with me.  Aiden says it's because I'm a vamp.  Umm, what??  I decide to leave and gather my thoughts.  While I'm out Josh comes up to me and says he's having a tough time when he transforms into a werewolf.  I tell him I'll spend the night with him and try to get him through the transformation.  The days goes on and it's getting close to moonrise.  I take Josh to the basement, but all of our families are there.  I try to get them to leave so they don't get hurt/bitten/killed, but no one seems to understand.  Finally I put the smackdown on them.  And I mean SMACK. DOWN.  I use my superhuman strength to throw them out of the house (literally!).  After getting them out of the house, Josh's ex-girlfriend shows up to make fun of him.  This obviously makes me very angry, and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.  I realize my true potential: I'm half vampire, half werewolf (thankfully not hairy, nor do I have fangs).  I get really mad at the ex, not realizing that my anger really comes from being in love with Josh.  I take her by the arm and throw her over my head and onto the ground, then I just start wailing on her.  "You don't mess with the love of my life!"  Yeah, I went WWF Smackdown on her.  Josh didn't realize he had feelings for me either.  We hug, kiss, then go into the basement where I make sure he doesn't kill anyone when he transforms.

Good dream!  Now all I need to do is watch the latest episode of Being Human.  I missed it Monday :(
Aiden Josh

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Omgomgomgomg SUCH a good dream last night!

I was in high school (or college maybe I don't know, obviously that's not the good part) and was taking a Spanish test.  For some reason the teacher seemed to be taking a really long time asking the questions.  Seriously, we'd been in class 2 hours and I had no idea how I was going to explain that to my other teachers.  Paul was there too and tried to unclothe me (ew!).  When I tried to tell Prof that I was being molested, Prof turned around and lo and behold, my Spanish professor is 11! (that's Doctor Who #11, not 11 years old)  I was so excited to see him, I completely lost my train of thought and just sorta mumbled about being in love with him.  He told me to go ahead and go to my other classes but to come by later so I could finish my test.  Well, I couldn't remember which classes I had or what order they came in (typical school dream).  I finished out my day then returned to 11.  He told me that he had to wait till we were alone so that he could profess his love for me.  Weeeee!!!!  I was so happy that he reciprocated my feelings for him that I had to run my hands all over his face. We decided to run away together, but not in the Tardis.  We went ice skating instead.  And it was awesome.

My alarm went off after that (curses!) and I reeeaaally tried to continue to the dream during snoozes but alas, no such luck.  The weird part?  I turn on the tv this morning while eating breakfast/getting ready and there's a Doctor Who marathon on Syfy!  Of course, it was series 4 with 10, but that's ok!

**edited for yummy pic***

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weird and wacky Wednesday

What a weird set of dreams from last night!

It's Race Day (as I previously mentioned, I'm running a half marathon in less than 4 weeks) and I'm at the starting line with Amelia.  Amanda dropped out for reasons undeclared.  The gun goes off and everyone takes off running.  My original plan was to walk the first mile of the race to a) get warmed up and b) not get trampled by everyone else taking off.  Well, all the excitement and adrenaline got to me and I ended up running the first 2 miles of the race in less than 15 minutes.  I'm super excited about making it to the first checkpoint.  There the racers are given a chance to breath and take a break.  The next wave/leg of the race will start in 2 hours.  I want to get a head start but no one else wants to.  I decide to hop on the helicopter anyway (??).  There's a wreck at the intersection so we have to wait in traffic (yes, we're in a helicopter and stuck in traffic.  I know it doesn't make any sense).  Since the race is now super delayed I decide to head to my mom's classroom for some snacks.   I walk into the school and there in my line of sight is Scott Grimes, Zachary Levi, and Ryan Crumpton. Of course I want to talk to the first two but Ryan is adamant about speaking to me.  Fine...  We go into a small classroom where it turns out I have to repeat a day of kindergarten.  The class makes fun of me.  The teacher does me a favor and decides to hold a lesson in music.  Of course I surpass everyone.

Then the alarm goes off.  Blah.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I see it's been a while since I've posted anything.  I have no excuse.  Except for maybe not remembering my dreams.  I'd say that's a pretty good excuse.  The only thing I can remember about last night's dream is "mindfreak" and "Doctor Who."  It was 11, and he was mindfreaking my brain.  Not sure what that entailed, but that's all I can remember.

Besides, we had snow last week!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turntables and turnstiles

I really tried to remember my dreams from last night, I really did!  I even forewent hitting the snooze button so I could go over them and remember them for later posting-age.  Alas, I only remember a few snippets.

Dream: Victoria and I decide to go to our 10 year high school reunion which is being held at the high school, during school hours.  We just stroll on in (despite increased security these days) and find Neil Patrick Harris in our old hang-out spot.  Apparently we all used to hang out back then (who knew?!).  He's trying to break into our lockers to see if we left anything, but he can't remember the combo to Victoria's lock.  Somehow she remembered and we take a gander.  There are photos and a comb (wtf?!).  We then get a call from Melissa telling us her dad had passed away (Heaven forbid).  V and I head to the funeral home which just happened to be the same one my grandmother's funeral was in.  We walk in, give our condolences, and then hand the food to the family.  I brought bread, Victoria brought Girl Scout cookies.  As V and I are talking about how much fun it was hanging with Neil, Mel's dad starts breathing.  Yes, he's dead and he's breathing.  "It's a miracle!" everyone states.  Mr. C. is alive.  The bishop asks everyone to sing hymns and praise the Lord for his miracle.  Somehow I'm skeptical that a man who's been dead for days and has been embalmed can come back to life, but I get scolded by the clergy when I voice my concerns.  Instead of sitting in the pew to be looked down upon I run up to the rafters where I'm all of a sudden a ghost.  There's another ghost there who wants to kill me with a knife.  Not sure how that would work, but I'm now fleeing for my life through the church rafters desperately trying to get my friends to know I'm still alive but only a ghost now.  The other ghost starts speaking in a weird language so I float to the basement where I meet up with Victoria.  We try to out-float the other ghost but he keeps tracking us.   

It's at this point I force myself to wake up cuz I'm just too dang scared to let that dream go on.

WHEW!  I guess I remembered more than I thought I did!  All I needed was to start writing and the rest came back to me.  Yay!  Not that anyone will read this, aside from Victoria.  And if anyone DOES read, please feel free to leave comments so I know I'm not typing to myself.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You give love a bad name

Dream 1: I was in a relationship with Steve Smith from American Dad. We were camping with his family when Stan tries to impregnate him. This being too much for me, I break things off.

Dream 2: I'm in a relationship with Ang from Avatar the Last Airbender (obviously he's older in this dream). I'm a water bender from the eastern tribe and I'm threatened by Ang and Katara's friendship. So I decide to battle her for his attention. Somehow our battle takes us to Canada where we're confused about the advanced civilization. I mean, they have a Best Buy and a Kohl's! We sneak into a bathroom and steal some clothes so we'll fit in. A security guard catches us but I use my supreme bending to end him.

Too bad the storm woke me up, that was a fun dream!