Saturday, August 27, 2011

Doctor Who's your daddy?

Mmm so a marathon of DW makes for yummy dreaming

I'm with Victoria & Jenny getting snacks to take to Melissa's. I remember I need to get a couple of other things so I tell them I'll meet up with them later. I start walking through the mall when I see my boyfriend coming out of the fedora store. It's Matt Smith! I'm dating Matt Smith and he wears a fedora. I'm a lucky girl! We go off horseback riding in the jungle.

And unfortunately that's all I remember. I woke up thnking it was afternoon but it was only 9. Still, YUM!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Care for a Drink?

Wow.  Last night's dreams were a mix of awesome and not so awesome.

I'm at a party, all dressed up, when I notice Martin Starr and Scott Grimes chatting together and having a drink.  I really want to meet SG first, but figure I'll start a bit smaller and talk to MS.  We chat a bit then he agrees to take a picture with me.  After he goes off I finally get the courage to approach SG.  I introduce myself and he asks me to join him for a drink.  "I don't drink.... I mean beer.  I don't drink beer."  Yeah, I'm a class act.  I don't know how it happened but we got on the subject of makeup.  I mentioned that I never wear it and he says "good, because you're beautiful." SQUEEEEEEE!  Of course I blush and mumble a thanks.  Then he agrees to take a picture with me.  What a nice guy!

After my super awesome meeting with those guys I decide to go for a bike ride.  I ride through the woods to a day spa where Michael and my sister-in-law are chilling.  Sarah's doing yoga so I attempt to follow along.  Umm, yeah, that doesn't end well.  I fell. (much like I did last night doing Centergy) Michael then pulls me to the side and says he was told he needed to find a different place to stay since he was raped.  WTF?!  Apparently the spa doesn't like rape victims.  Wow, way to be sensitive guys.  Also, someone attacked my husband??  I will end them.

And then my alarm went off, waking me from what little sleep I'd had.  Sigh.  But hey, SCOTT GRIMES.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Work is invading

So last night I had a dream that was so realistic, I actually thought I was awake.  

It started out I’m coming to work.  I walk in the door but there’s no one at the front desk.  Instead there are about 50 underclassmen all waiting for me to open the Reading Room so they can do research.  I’m trying to navigate my way to the stairs but they keep crowding around me, wanting to know when they can come up.  “Give me 5 minutes, ok?!”  I finally push my way through, drop off my lunch in the basement, then make it upstairs knowing I have about 3 more minutes before they come rushing me.  I go to turn on the lights but nothing happens.  The building is in complete darkness.  Both 207 and 208 doors are wide open.  “Surely Lyndsey wouldn’t have left them open last night…”  I go to close them before calling about the lights when Physical Plant comes out of 208.  “We’re trying to fix the lights.”  “Um… in there?  I don’t think so”  Exhaustedly I figure I’ll just open up all the blinds in the RR and hopefully that will provide enough light for everyone to work by.  My 5 minutes are up and I hear the horde of students coming up the elevator and both staircases.  I sit at the desk waiting, praying no one tramples me.  All 50 students crowd around the desk yelling their requests.  I stand on the desk to announce that I can only handle, at most, 5 people at the desk otherwise I’ll have a breakdown and no one will get their books.  They grudgingly oblige.  I finally manage to make it through all 50 requests so I call for backup while I pull.  Only now I’m all alone in the building.  No one picks up their phone.  And since I don’t have the security camera software anymore, I can’t tell if anyone is at the front desk.

Thankfully at this point my alarm goes off.  GOOD GRIEF