Monday, December 10, 2012

Fear the Living, Not the Undead

Last night's dream was a Walking Dead nightmare.  I woke up before my alarm, sweating, and clutching the blanket for dear life.

I'm in Woodberry, being interrogated by Merle.  The whole time I'm thinking "I've got to get back to the group.  Daryl will save me."  Except that he doesn't get there in time.  Merle forces himself on me while the Governor watches.  I try not to think about what's being done to my body by remembering all of the zombies I've killed.  Merle finishes violating my body, and I lie there crying because Daryl failed to rescue me in time.

NIGHTMARE.  I was seriously crying this morning.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jeremy Renner Againn?

Yes, again.  I swear to you, I haven't been watching anything with him recently.  The last thing I watched was The Avengers, and that was 3 weeks ago.

I'm at my parents house, only it's been razed and they're in the process of rebuilding.  I think that's a good idea, since the previous house had been built on a slope and you crashed into the wall every time you tried to relax.  I start playing in the dirt when my Mom calls me into the shed.  I walk in and there's a surprise party for me.  Kinda cool, but I'm not into a whole lot of attention on me.  I slip away outside and sit on the swing. Out of nowhere comes my boyfriend, Jeremy Renner.  He sits down next to me and we talk about life and getting married.

Then the stupid alarm goes off.  I just can't catch a break, can I?

Thursday, July 26, 2012


It seems that I'm once again forgetting my dreams upon waking.  This is mostly due to having to take the dog out right after rolling out of bed.

I'm on some kind of field trip to D.C.  The taxi drops me off at a creepy bed and breakfast, where the lights are out.  I open a present to find that someone has sent me a really nice dress, meant for a night out on the town.  I put it on to find and find Hawkeye waiting at the door for me (yes, it's another Jeremy Renner dream).  We go to Alternate Earth, where everything's the same only 12 hours ahead.  We end up on a hiking trail to some caves (at some point I changed into appropriate attire).  

In other non-dream news, I'm having a root canal on the 6th.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

There's a bomb! what I said in my dream last night.  I was at some kind of government facility with Cait, Jenna, & Jeremy Renner (of course).  A bomb detonated and we had to escape.  Cait and Jenna went one way, I went the other way with Jeremy, b/c of course he's an action star and knows how to escape (duh).  We hop in a jeep and try to outrun the blast.  Also the collapsing ground.  We finally make it to safety and Cait wants me to try her new coffee.  

Aaaand my alarm goes off.  On a Saturday.  Because I had to get up early and drive to Dallas for my old roommate's bachelorette party!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm a Good Girl, I Am

So the past couple of days I've been watching Jeremy Renner stuff: his episode of "Angel", "Dahmer", and the short-lived tv show The "Unusuals".  Which of course led to me having an awesome dream about him.

I'm at work, only we're having a high-school-type lock-in.  It's 3am and most everyone has fallen asleep.  I'm still up and talking to Jeremy Renner, who just happens to be one of my coworkers (if only, amiright?).  He's cozying up to me, a little too close for married comfort.  Even one of the students mentions that I'm married and he shouldn't be that close.  He starts to back off, but his hand accidentally grazes mine and sparks fly.  He suggests watching a movie.  I agree, but need to change (not sure why).  I head upstairs to change and Lyndsey's still awake.  I mention in passing that I'm about to watch a movie with Jeremy and she says she'll join.  I think that's probably for the best since I'm married and he seems to be all about trying to get up in my business (I'm not quite sure what that means, but it sounded cool.  I'm cool, I promise).  We get downstairs but all the boys are hogging the tv so Jeremy and I go sit outside to watch the color guard practice for the baseball game's half-time show (I swear to God, I have no idea either).  One of the girl's mentions that I'm a slut b/c I'm married yet flirting with Jeremy.  This makes me very angry, so I run off to my secret stairway of the other library.  Jeremy ends up finding me and confesses his love (I dont' know why they always do that, but apparently in my dreams I'm desirable...?).  I confess that I have feelings for him too but not sure how that would work since I'm married and I don't do affairs.  He then reminds me that I'm only married in my dream world, which means I can be with him.  Hey, he's right!

Then I wake up at 7am even though it's a Saturday.  GAAAAAHHHHHHH

Friday, April 13, 2012

Comics & tv

Last night: I decide that I want to go to Cleveland to visit my family.  I buy a train ticket b/c it's cheaper than driving.  The drive itself is only 30 minutes but the train will take 3 hours to get there.  But I'm determined.  Once on the train I see that some of my other family is there.  I get to Cleveland and immediately find myself on Letterman with Jason Segel, former roommate Kari, and The Doctor (Matt Smith's Doctor, obviously).  We were all taking turns in the interview chair and on the couch.  Basically playing musical chairs.  Finally it was my turn to sit off to the side, where Andy does his podium place for Conan (yeah, totally combined shows).  The Doctor announces he's going to sit next to me, his daughter.  Whaaaaaaaat?  He holds my hand and tells me to be strong since my uncle just went in to be with my dying aunt.  He asks me how I'm doing and I just say "ok" (not to mention that I'm hyperventilating b/c OMG MATT SMITH IS HOLDING MY HAND). He leans in closer and says he wants to hear what I'm really feeling.  Huh?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  He's the Doctor and can read minds if he really concentrates.  Oh crap, I hope he doesn't get that I'm in love with him and Jason Segel.  Oh God stop thinking about it!  He'll know!  He leans back, smiling that gorgeous smirk of his.  Doesn't say anything, but I'm pretty sure he knows.  He continues to sit there, holding my hand and smiling at me. 

Then the blasted alarm goes off.  AP98WP43O;IRKNFVFP09IJ!!!!!11!!!!11!!

Two weeks ago:  I'm talking to Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner style) when I realize that I'm telekinetic.  The first thing I try is to see if I can mind-force myself into the air.  Yep!  So technically I can fly b/c I can lift myself with my mind.  He takes me to a lookout point b/c he's still on duty (heh) for the Avengers.  On our way back down he kisses me.  I'm completely taken aback.  I ask if that means we're bf/gf now and he says "well, I'd be a horrible person if we weren't."  So romantic.  He puts me in his car and we drive off to Xavier's mansion (yeah, I'm crossing the streams, but it's all in the same universe so shut up!).  I can't believe I'm about to meet Xavier. 

Then I wake up.  Sigh.

Enjoy hotness :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sure Sherlock

Yeah.  I know.  It's been forever since I've posted.  I kinda forgot about this, to be honest.  But last night's dreams were so awesome that they just HAD to be written down (typed?).

Dream 1:  I'm at a play or something.  It takes place in an auditorium.  I'm onstage, tied to a chair.  Moriarty comes up and says I'm not dressed for the occasion.  He makes me change into a slinky dress right in front of him.  Sherlock shows up and saves the day.  Unfortunately we didn't ride off into the sunset together.  He's not like that.  Instead, he said "well done" and walked away.

Dream 2:  I'm in the parking lot at work, when I notice screaming from the gutters.  I start to crawl in but Watson stops me.  Apparently Sherlock is already in the process of investigating the noises.  I see him out by the flagpole and decide to follow him.  He knows I'm there, but ignores me.  

That's really all I can remember.  For certain though, Benedict Cumberbatch is hot.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Lord, a Doctor, and a Comedian

Sorry for lack of posts.  I'm just a bit lazy these days.  I have a few undocumented dreams that I've had in the past couple of weeks.

1: I was visiting family in Louisiana when someone mentioned my cousin, Tater (his real name was Anthony), was coming to visit as well.  Surely that couldn't be the case since he was killed 10 years ago.  But lo and behold, there he was.  He wasn't up to his old self.  Apparently he'd had the car accident but was left bedridden.  I sat by his bedside telling him how much I missed him and that I wanted him to live forever.  He smiled, pulled me to his chest and cradled me, then slipped off to sweet oblivion.

2: Hugh Bonneville as Lord Grantham (from Downton Abbey) was my estranged father and Matt Smith as 11 was my separated husband.  For some reason I had to choose between them which one to kill.  I chose 11.  As we were getting our swords ready (yes, swords), he told me how much he loved me.  Crap.  I reciprocated the feelings but was now super upset because I'm supposed to kill the man I love.  He takes off for a bit then returns with my cousin who is supposed to take his place.  My sword breaks, so I end up killing her with a ping pong paddle.

3: I'm getting off of work and I miss the bus so I have to walk home.  It's creepy and I'm in heels.  I get about a mile from home when a coworker offers me a ride.  He ends up taking me back to work and drops me off there.  Sad and confused, I just decide to stay the night at work.  I go to one of the back offices and instead of finding it empty, Jon Lajoie is there (he's a Canadian comedian and on The League).  He ends up ***EDITED FOR EXPLICIT CONTENT*** all night.  I feel like I'm betraying Michael but then he walks in and says it's ok so I just roll with it.

.......... I don't know what to say about all that.