Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Few at a Time

Haven't been writing them down even though I've been remembering.  I've forgotten some details of the last few nights, but I'll give you what I've got.

Last night: Jim Parsons and I were hanging out.  We ordered pizza, picked it up, got gas in the car, came back and fell asleep watching tv.

Monday night: Alan Tudyk and I were best friends and we hung out by a campfire.

Saturday night: Alan Tudyk was a serial killer on board the Starship Enterprise.  I had to escape him.

Sorry readers.  I'm just not on it today.  But hey, JIM PARSONS!  ALAN TUDYK!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harry Potter

Just woke up and still remember my dream so here it is!

I'm on a date with my husband but in the dream he's my ex from high school, aka first love and all that. We're chilling at his place when all of a sudden his older brother walks in, gabbing about the girl he's about to get with. I'm uncomfortable b/c his brother doesn't really like me. I try to leave but Michael/Christian holds me down by the neck & says I'm not going anywhere; I'm his property.

Fast forward to later: I'm opening at work when I notice a lot of strange people inside. Also, my library seems to have grown to 8 stories and is massive. I drop off my lunch in the lounge then make my way to my desk. I ask my coworker what's going on but she's ignoring me; she's chatting up Wil Wheaton! Obviously I can't compete so I start wandering around. I find myself on the 6th floor where Neville Longbottom is running away from Malfoy. I realize I'm a wizard and this is Hogwarts. I cast some defensive spells and we hide. Malfoy and his father find us in the stacks and start to set the place on fire. I use my water charms to extinguish the fires and drown the Malfoys.

Then I woke up cuz I felt something crawling on my back. Turned out to be sweat :/

Monday, July 18, 2011

Matt Smith-apalooza

Wow.  Two nights in a row I dreamt of Matt Smith.  AWESOME

Saturday night: I was sorta Penny in Big Bang Theory, only me instead of her, but still on the show...?  I'd just broken up with Leonard but didn't have a place to stay so I bogarted Sheldon's room.  I woke up the next morning to find Sheldon in bed with me.  WHAT???  He's so anal about sleeping in his own bed that even though I was in it he went ahead and slept there too.  So we decide to forget about that weirdness and go to church.  We sit in the front row to see who the new preacher is.  Um, it's Adam Baldwin.  And he's not even preaching about God, he's preaching extreme right-wing beliefs.  SO not the place for me.  But since it's church we stay.  We stand up to sing a hymn and Sheldon takes my hand.  "This is ok, right?" he says.  Me: "Um, sure I guess."

Sunday night: I'm fighting some sort of battle against robot cats and the only way to defeat them is to pretend to be one of them.  So I go down a manhole and try to fit in.  I end up going through a lot of catacombs and somehow find myself outside the Walls unit where someone's about to be executed.  I do a 180 then find myself in a corridor, 9 months pregnant and about to go into labor.  My doctor finds me and puts me in bed.  The nurse on duty discovers that my baby is breached and I'll need a c-section.  My nurse/doctor?  JASON SEGEL.  He calls my husband, who in this dream is Matt Smith.  I'm in extreme pain so of course I'm yelling. Eventually I realize screaming and crying isn't doing anything for the pain so I eventually just stop and begin to shake.  Shaking is apparently very bad for me so Jason gets behind me and has to hold me down.  Of course this being the time that Matt shows up.  He's just a little jealous, seeing as how Jason is my ex and quite possibly the father of my child (DRAMA).  While Jason's holding me the doctor starts cutting.  I feel the pain & start screaming (side note: I'm surprised I wasn't actually screaming, as the pain felt real).   My baby is born and it's a little (tiny) girl with seriously blue eyes.  As I'm holding her I'm trying to remember which dude, Matt or Jason, has the blue eyes.  Oops.

ALARM.  Lame.  Interesting dreams for sure.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation... FROM HELL

So last night's dream was a wee bit scary.

This weekend is the annual Girl's Weekend for me, Victoria, Jenny, & Melissa.  In my dream however, instead of going to Dallas we went to Galveston to stay at Cheryl's while she was on maternity leave.  Only her house was super small and she didn't want to leave her room.  The 4 of us decided to go out to the beach without her.  We walk outside and there's a hurricane!  The water is rushing over the seawall and washing the sand back out to the Gulf.  I see that my car is about to be sucked into the swirling vortex that is the ocean, so I try to pull it back in with Ryan's help.  No luck.  Bye bye car!

I don't remember too much after that.  Hopefully this weekend will go a little better than my dream did.  I'm sure manis/pedis will make it so.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rainbow beatings

So last night's dream was super weird...

I'm at a party with friends when we find a rainbow scarf that's super long.  We follow it to find the end when we come upon a dark cave.  We figure "hey, the rainbow scarf will still be colorful in the cave, let's go in!".  Dumb children...  We start walking through a Disney-like queue, complete with Finding Nemo on the walls.  All of a sudden an evil witch starts snatching us one by one in the dark.  Soon I'm the only one left.  Obviously the smart thing to do is leave the cave, so I start feeling my way along the wall back to the outside world.  It starts pouring down rain (in a cave?!).  It's then that I realize the witch can manipulate our lives, much like the Gamemakers to do the lives of the Tributes in The Hunger Games.  I find a copse in the cave wall and bury myself in it till the downpour eases up.  Once I escape outside I find I'm trapped in a cage with a staircase mountain.  My only hope of escaping unscathed is for Christopher Meloni to scale the stair-mountain (kind of like a jungle gym) without falling back to the ground.  If he touches the ground in any way I'll have to endure 3 years of torture.  He manages to make it to the top, even though there were a couple of close calls.  My reward sends me back to high school band(NOOOOOOO), senior year.  I step up to the podium to do my drum major duties (heh, "duty") when the director informs me there's a new DM.  "Um, no, I'm the DM.  And if you replaced me without having an open audition, then that's a violation of the school honor code and I'll have to report you.  So you can reinstate me, or I can have you fired."  Yeah, I was reinstated.

Not sure about all that, but hey, CHRISTOPHER MELONI

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Doctor Glen?

Another DW dream last night, only this one was with the 8th incarnation (that I've never watched so IDEK)

I'm following the premise of the DW movie with the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann.  I know it's about the Time War but for some reason my dream has nothing to do with that.  I don't remember too much, but I do know there was funny clothes, popes, and food.

Also, a Glen Hansard concert.  He's the lead singer of The Frames, an Irish band (one of their songs "Dream Awake" was the inspiration for my blog address).  Tickets are only $25.  I'm super lucky and have a grand total of $27 in my wallet, which will get me a ticket and half a coke.  I finally get through the gate only to discover the concert is taking place in my parents backyard.  Great, I just paid $25 to walk out my back door.  I find my coworker Cassie and start taking pictures of Glen and his guitar (not a euphemism).  I realize I haven't charged my camera in a while so I need to be conservative with the amount of picture-taking.

Aaaand once again my dreams were interrupted due to headaches.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doctor... Who?

Last night's dream was about The Doctor.  Only it was 9 (Christopher Eccleston).

I'm in the process of moving out of 2 houses at once.  I go to my old place to get some stuff I left behind when I realize that there's a lot of cool stuff there and that it's actually a really nice place.  Why am I moving?  I end up playing video games with Felicia Day (weird).  All of a sudden there's a commotion outside.  We go out to see a zombie-esque dude wandering around yelling and throwing things.  Felicia recognizes him from The Guild (spoiler: he's not).  He starts trying to get in, presumably to eat our brains.  That's when 9 shows up to save the day!  He sonics the guy to the pier then prepares to sacrifice himself so we can get away.  Of course this does not sit well with me and I have to tell him (a la Rose-style) that I love him.  

I wish I could say more for this dream but unfortunately I woke up with a killer headache at 2am that did not allow me to go back to sleep till sometime after 4.