Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rainbow beatings

So last night's dream was super weird...

I'm at a party with friends when we find a rainbow scarf that's super long.  We follow it to find the end when we come upon a dark cave.  We figure "hey, the rainbow scarf will still be colorful in the cave, let's go in!".  Dumb children...  We start walking through a Disney-like queue, complete with Finding Nemo on the walls.  All of a sudden an evil witch starts snatching us one by one in the dark.  Soon I'm the only one left.  Obviously the smart thing to do is leave the cave, so I start feeling my way along the wall back to the outside world.  It starts pouring down rain (in a cave?!).  It's then that I realize the witch can manipulate our lives, much like the Gamemakers to do the lives of the Tributes in The Hunger Games.  I find a copse in the cave wall and bury myself in it till the downpour eases up.  Once I escape outside I find I'm trapped in a cage with a staircase mountain.  My only hope of escaping unscathed is for Christopher Meloni to scale the stair-mountain (kind of like a jungle gym) without falling back to the ground.  If he touches the ground in any way I'll have to endure 3 years of torture.  He manages to make it to the top, even though there were a couple of close calls.  My reward sends me back to high school band(NOOOOOOO), senior year.  I step up to the podium to do my drum major duties (heh, "duty") when the director informs me there's a new DM.  "Um, no, I'm the DM.  And if you replaced me without having an open audition, then that's a violation of the school honor code and I'll have to report you.  So you can reinstate me, or I can have you fired."  Yeah, I was reinstated.

Not sure about all that, but hey, CHRISTOPHER MELONI

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