Friday, September 23, 2011

I was Penny from Big Bang Theory and Sheldon was Greg from Dharma and Greg (I don't even know...).  Anyway, I found out I was expecting so that's pretty exciting.  We decide to celebrate by going to Disney.  We get there and it's my sister-in-law's wedding.  I'm confused though, because she's been married almost 2 years, why does she need another huge shindig?

I reeeeeally wish I could remember more.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fallout on Lonely Island

Saturday night: I was at some sort of fair when I'm told to get down because there was going to be a nuclear explosion about 50 feet away.  So I hide behind a box.  Somehow the only damage that's done to me is a headache from the sonic boom.  I go to a doctor's office to get a radiation shot.  While I'm waiting a guy from high school (Paul) starts messing with me (and not the kind that should ever be done by anyone ever).  I leave when no one comes to my rescue.  I walk outside, still searching for my husband when he calls my name.  No, it's not Michael.  It's Tahmoh Penikett!  Yum.  He picks me up and swings me around.  I tell him what happened inside so he goes to beat the crap out of Paul.  Nice.

Sunday: I'm working at a summer camp when I notice another counselor has taken an interest in me.  After playing with the kids I end up sitting on his lap.  It's Jorma from Lonely Island.

Wednesday: I was in England with Michael, Amelia, and Kevin.  We rode a weird ride that cost $13 but allowed us to see all of the country.  Also, my phone was weird.