Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Doctor (of course)

Wow, last night's dream was vivid.  And of course it featured The Doctor.  Which is weird because I haven't watched Doctor Who in a while.

I had made plans to meet Amelia at the movies.  We get there about 15 minutes before the show starts and she tells me that she invited a guy friend.  I'm ok with that.  She then calls said friend to ask where he's at.  The whole time they're on the phone she's laughing and giggling.  Almost like flirting....  Anyway, she gets off the phone and says that he's stuck in traffic in Houston and won't be able to make the show so we'll just have to reschedule.  Let me reiterate.  We're at the theater, have our tickets, but b/c he's in Houston we're cancelling?  Oh no.  I go in anyway, one less a friend.  I end up seeing Michael/The Doctor (yes, he's the same person in this dream.  I'm totally ok with that.  Also, Michael's new haircut makes him look like Matt Smith) and sit next to him.  So the movie's progressing and I notice there's a shady figure off to the right.  It's The Master!  Only he's also a Shade.  He locks eyes with The Doctor and has his mind, but only for a second.  The three of us leave the theater to have it out outside.  The Master tries breaking in to several cars with no success.  I finally trap The Master on the ground and make him swear in the ancient language that he won't hurt us, especially The Doctor since they used to be bffs.  He swears that he won't hurt us, but then breaks away to cause havoc worldwide.  He starts brainwashing people; you can tell they've been taken over by their red eyes.  One lady even eats her own granddaughter.  I finally have enough and I take over his mind and defeat him.

See?  Vivid.  And a doozy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"She doesn't have a boyfriend, she has a Sheldon"

I'm chilling at my parents house when Amy Farrah Fowler comes up to me asking me to talk to Sheldon about being her boyfriend.  I think he'd be better off with Penny, but I agree to talk to him.  He's about to go for a bike ride (of the motorcycle variety) and offers to take me with him.  I'm sitting right behind him when he tells me that he can tell when I'm most fertile just by the placement of my hands on his stomach.  WHAT?!  At this point he turns into Jim Parsons and we're just friends going for a bike ride.

Um, yeah.  So, craziness...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weeping Angels & Bad Celebrities

Craaaaaazy weekend dreams, yall.

Friday: I was at a convention or something and the guest speakers were Scott Grimes, Bob Guiney, & Simon Pegg.  Except they had been replaced by homicidal pod people and were super intent on torturing and killing everyone.  I managed to escape Faux Bob.

Last night: I was hanging out with the boys from Big Bang Theory.  We're driving along some country back-road when I turn around to see a weeping angel.  I turn back to the front to warn the boys.  I turn back around to find it hanging onto the car, with a silly expression.  I manage to keep it in sight (w/out blinking too) til we get back home.  Come to find out, the angel is stoned.  That works for us because it allows us to get away.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Drowning!

First, I apologize for the lack of dreams.  Second, last night was crazy.

I was at my aunt & uncle's house (both are deceased).  I was having a costume party.  Jewel Staite comes up to me and hands me the pink cupcake dress from the Firefly episode "Shindig."  I'm thinking "sweet, now I have something to wear at the Renaissance Festival!"

My party continues with the arrival of Jay Baruchel.  Instead of partying and having a good time with the rest of us he attempts to molest me.  I kick him out then call the cops when he tries to come back.  I go back to the party to find my aunt, uncle and grandmother all alive and eating pie.  Awesome.

Next I'm at a water park with some friends from high school, Ashley and Brad.  They want to see how long I can hold my breath underwater so Ashley grabs my neck and holds me under.  I try to fight my way back up (I mean, it's only 4 feet of water) but end up passing out.  Ashley pulls me up and Brad puts me on the side of the pool but no one does CPR.  So I die.

Thankfully at that point I wake up.  I hate drowning dreams.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I was Penny from Big Bang Theory and Sheldon was Greg from Dharma and Greg (I don't even know...).  Anyway, I found out I was expecting so that's pretty exciting.  We decide to celebrate by going to Disney.  We get there and it's my sister-in-law's wedding.  I'm confused though, because she's been married almost 2 years, why does she need another huge shindig?

I reeeeeally wish I could remember more.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fallout on Lonely Island

Saturday night: I was at some sort of fair when I'm told to get down because there was going to be a nuclear explosion about 50 feet away.  So I hide behind a box.  Somehow the only damage that's done to me is a headache from the sonic boom.  I go to a doctor's office to get a radiation shot.  While I'm waiting a guy from high school (Paul) starts messing with me (and not the kind that should ever be done by anyone ever).  I leave when no one comes to my rescue.  I walk outside, still searching for my husband when he calls my name.  No, it's not Michael.  It's Tahmoh Penikett!  Yum.  He picks me up and swings me around.  I tell him what happened inside so he goes to beat the crap out of Paul.  Nice.

Sunday: I'm working at a summer camp when I notice another counselor has taken an interest in me.  After playing with the kids I end up sitting on his lap.  It's Jorma from Lonely Island.

Wednesday: I was in England with Michael, Amelia, and Kevin.  We rode a weird ride that cost $13 but allowed us to see all of the country.  Also, my phone was weird.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Doctor Who's your daddy?

Mmm so a marathon of DW makes for yummy dreaming

I'm with Victoria & Jenny getting snacks to take to Melissa's. I remember I need to get a couple of other things so I tell them I'll meet up with them later. I start walking through the mall when I see my boyfriend coming out of the fedora store. It's Matt Smith! I'm dating Matt Smith and he wears a fedora. I'm a lucky girl! We go off horseback riding in the jungle.

And unfortunately that's all I remember. I woke up thnking it was afternoon but it was only 9. Still, YUM!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Care for a Drink?

Wow.  Last night's dreams were a mix of awesome and not so awesome.

I'm at a party, all dressed up, when I notice Martin Starr and Scott Grimes chatting together and having a drink.  I really want to meet SG first, but figure I'll start a bit smaller and talk to MS.  We chat a bit then he agrees to take a picture with me.  After he goes off I finally get the courage to approach SG.  I introduce myself and he asks me to join him for a drink.  "I don't drink.... I mean beer.  I don't drink beer."  Yeah, I'm a class act.  I don't know how it happened but we got on the subject of makeup.  I mentioned that I never wear it and he says "good, because you're beautiful." SQUEEEEEEE!  Of course I blush and mumble a thanks.  Then he agrees to take a picture with me.  What a nice guy!

After my super awesome meeting with those guys I decide to go for a bike ride.  I ride through the woods to a day spa where Michael and my sister-in-law are chilling.  Sarah's doing yoga so I attempt to follow along.  Umm, yeah, that doesn't end well.  I fell. (much like I did last night doing Centergy) Michael then pulls me to the side and says he was told he needed to find a different place to stay since he was raped.  WTF?!  Apparently the spa doesn't like rape victims.  Wow, way to be sensitive guys.  Also, someone attacked my husband??  I will end them.

And then my alarm went off, waking me from what little sleep I'd had.  Sigh.  But hey, SCOTT GRIMES.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Work is invading

So last night I had a dream that was so realistic, I actually thought I was awake.  

It started out I’m coming to work.  I walk in the door but there’s no one at the front desk.  Instead there are about 50 underclassmen all waiting for me to open the Reading Room so they can do research.  I’m trying to navigate my way to the stairs but they keep crowding around me, wanting to know when they can come up.  “Give me 5 minutes, ok?!”  I finally push my way through, drop off my lunch in the basement, then make it upstairs knowing I have about 3 more minutes before they come rushing me.  I go to turn on the lights but nothing happens.  The building is in complete darkness.  Both 207 and 208 doors are wide open.  “Surely Lyndsey wouldn’t have left them open last night…”  I go to close them before calling about the lights when Physical Plant comes out of 208.  “We’re trying to fix the lights.”  “Um… in there?  I don’t think so”  Exhaustedly I figure I’ll just open up all the blinds in the RR and hopefully that will provide enough light for everyone to work by.  My 5 minutes are up and I hear the horde of students coming up the elevator and both staircases.  I sit at the desk waiting, praying no one tramples me.  All 50 students crowd around the desk yelling their requests.  I stand on the desk to announce that I can only handle, at most, 5 people at the desk otherwise I’ll have a breakdown and no one will get their books.  They grudgingly oblige.  I finally manage to make it through all 50 requests so I call for backup while I pull.  Only now I’m all alone in the building.  No one picks up their phone.  And since I don’t have the security camera software anymore, I can’t tell if anyone is at the front desk.

Thankfully at this point my alarm goes off.  GOOD GRIEF

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Few at a Time

Haven't been writing them down even though I've been remembering.  I've forgotten some details of the last few nights, but I'll give you what I've got.

Last night: Jim Parsons and I were hanging out.  We ordered pizza, picked it up, got gas in the car, came back and fell asleep watching tv.

Monday night: Alan Tudyk and I were best friends and we hung out by a campfire.

Saturday night: Alan Tudyk was a serial killer on board the Starship Enterprise.  I had to escape him.

Sorry readers.  I'm just not on it today.  But hey, JIM PARSONS!  ALAN TUDYK!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harry Potter

Just woke up and still remember my dream so here it is!

I'm on a date with my husband but in the dream he's my ex from high school, aka first love and all that. We're chilling at his place when all of a sudden his older brother walks in, gabbing about the girl he's about to get with. I'm uncomfortable b/c his brother doesn't really like me. I try to leave but Michael/Christian holds me down by the neck & says I'm not going anywhere; I'm his property.

Fast forward to later: I'm opening at work when I notice a lot of strange people inside. Also, my library seems to have grown to 8 stories and is massive. I drop off my lunch in the lounge then make my way to my desk. I ask my coworker what's going on but she's ignoring me; she's chatting up Wil Wheaton! Obviously I can't compete so I start wandering around. I find myself on the 6th floor where Neville Longbottom is running away from Malfoy. I realize I'm a wizard and this is Hogwarts. I cast some defensive spells and we hide. Malfoy and his father find us in the stacks and start to set the place on fire. I use my water charms to extinguish the fires and drown the Malfoys.

Then I woke up cuz I felt something crawling on my back. Turned out to be sweat :/

Monday, July 18, 2011

Matt Smith-apalooza

Wow.  Two nights in a row I dreamt of Matt Smith.  AWESOME

Saturday night: I was sorta Penny in Big Bang Theory, only me instead of her, but still on the show...?  I'd just broken up with Leonard but didn't have a place to stay so I bogarted Sheldon's room.  I woke up the next morning to find Sheldon in bed with me.  WHAT???  He's so anal about sleeping in his own bed that even though I was in it he went ahead and slept there too.  So we decide to forget about that weirdness and go to church.  We sit in the front row to see who the new preacher is.  Um, it's Adam Baldwin.  And he's not even preaching about God, he's preaching extreme right-wing beliefs.  SO not the place for me.  But since it's church we stay.  We stand up to sing a hymn and Sheldon takes my hand.  "This is ok, right?" he says.  Me: "Um, sure I guess."

Sunday night: I'm fighting some sort of battle against robot cats and the only way to defeat them is to pretend to be one of them.  So I go down a manhole and try to fit in.  I end up going through a lot of catacombs and somehow find myself outside the Walls unit where someone's about to be executed.  I do a 180 then find myself in a corridor, 9 months pregnant and about to go into labor.  My doctor finds me and puts me in bed.  The nurse on duty discovers that my baby is breached and I'll need a c-section.  My nurse/doctor?  JASON SEGEL.  He calls my husband, who in this dream is Matt Smith.  I'm in extreme pain so of course I'm yelling. Eventually I realize screaming and crying isn't doing anything for the pain so I eventually just stop and begin to shake.  Shaking is apparently very bad for me so Jason gets behind me and has to hold me down.  Of course this being the time that Matt shows up.  He's just a little jealous, seeing as how Jason is my ex and quite possibly the father of my child (DRAMA).  While Jason's holding me the doctor starts cutting.  I feel the pain & start screaming (side note: I'm surprised I wasn't actually screaming, as the pain felt real).   My baby is born and it's a little (tiny) girl with seriously blue eyes.  As I'm holding her I'm trying to remember which dude, Matt or Jason, has the blue eyes.  Oops.

ALARM.  Lame.  Interesting dreams for sure.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation... FROM HELL

So last night's dream was a wee bit scary.

This weekend is the annual Girl's Weekend for me, Victoria, Jenny, & Melissa.  In my dream however, instead of going to Dallas we went to Galveston to stay at Cheryl's while she was on maternity leave.  Only her house was super small and she didn't want to leave her room.  The 4 of us decided to go out to the beach without her.  We walk outside and there's a hurricane!  The water is rushing over the seawall and washing the sand back out to the Gulf.  I see that my car is about to be sucked into the swirling vortex that is the ocean, so I try to pull it back in with Ryan's help.  No luck.  Bye bye car!

I don't remember too much after that.  Hopefully this weekend will go a little better than my dream did.  I'm sure manis/pedis will make it so.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rainbow beatings

So last night's dream was super weird...

I'm at a party with friends when we find a rainbow scarf that's super long.  We follow it to find the end when we come upon a dark cave.  We figure "hey, the rainbow scarf will still be colorful in the cave, let's go in!".  Dumb children...  We start walking through a Disney-like queue, complete with Finding Nemo on the walls.  All of a sudden an evil witch starts snatching us one by one in the dark.  Soon I'm the only one left.  Obviously the smart thing to do is leave the cave, so I start feeling my way along the wall back to the outside world.  It starts pouring down rain (in a cave?!).  It's then that I realize the witch can manipulate our lives, much like the Gamemakers to do the lives of the Tributes in The Hunger Games.  I find a copse in the cave wall and bury myself in it till the downpour eases up.  Once I escape outside I find I'm trapped in a cage with a staircase mountain.  My only hope of escaping unscathed is for Christopher Meloni to scale the stair-mountain (kind of like a jungle gym) without falling back to the ground.  If he touches the ground in any way I'll have to endure 3 years of torture.  He manages to make it to the top, even though there were a couple of close calls.  My reward sends me back to high school band(NOOOOOOO), senior year.  I step up to the podium to do my drum major duties (heh, "duty") when the director informs me there's a new DM.  "Um, no, I'm the DM.  And if you replaced me without having an open audition, then that's a violation of the school honor code and I'll have to report you.  So you can reinstate me, or I can have you fired."  Yeah, I was reinstated.

Not sure about all that, but hey, CHRISTOPHER MELONI

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Doctor Glen?

Another DW dream last night, only this one was with the 8th incarnation (that I've never watched so IDEK)

I'm following the premise of the DW movie with the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann.  I know it's about the Time War but for some reason my dream has nothing to do with that.  I don't remember too much, but I do know there was funny clothes, popes, and food.

Also, a Glen Hansard concert.  He's the lead singer of The Frames, an Irish band (one of their songs "Dream Awake" was the inspiration for my blog address).  Tickets are only $25.  I'm super lucky and have a grand total of $27 in my wallet, which will get me a ticket and half a coke.  I finally get through the gate only to discover the concert is taking place in my parents backyard.  Great, I just paid $25 to walk out my back door.  I find my coworker Cassie and start taking pictures of Glen and his guitar (not a euphemism).  I realize I haven't charged my camera in a while so I need to be conservative with the amount of picture-taking.

Aaaand once again my dreams were interrupted due to headaches.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Doctor... Who?

Last night's dream was about The Doctor.  Only it was 9 (Christopher Eccleston).

I'm in the process of moving out of 2 houses at once.  I go to my old place to get some stuff I left behind when I realize that there's a lot of cool stuff there and that it's actually a really nice place.  Why am I moving?  I end up playing video games with Felicia Day (weird).  All of a sudden there's a commotion outside.  We go out to see a zombie-esque dude wandering around yelling and throwing things.  Felicia recognizes him from The Guild (spoiler: he's not).  He starts trying to get in, presumably to eat our brains.  That's when 9 shows up to save the day!  He sonics the guy to the pier then prepares to sacrifice himself so we can get away.  Of course this does not sit well with me and I have to tell him (a la Rose-style) that I love him.  

I wish I could say more for this dream but unfortunately I woke up with a killer headache at 2am that did not allow me to go back to sleep till sometime after 4.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Backyard bbq

Last night's dream took place in the past and sorta present. In the past there was a neighborhood BBQ. I show up and the boy who was always teasing me at school started being nice to me. We end up holding hands the rest of the night. Fast forward a few years. I'm still with the hand-holding boy. We're going to a festival in town. When we get there I notice that it smells really really bad. Turns out it's pagan festival where pigs are slaughtered. I try to leave but the crowd won't let me. Then I wake up.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I need a Doctor

Wow I use that title a lot!  But unfortunately last night's dream did not include Doctor Who.  I actually needed a real doctor.

I'm at a party, 9 months pregnant with Jason Segel's child (uh, I have no idea), when I realize I'm going into labor.  I walk out of the mansion where the party's being held and just start walking down the road.  I end up at a house that's not mine.  I go inside looking for a doctor.  The lady who lives there said the closest hospital is 40 miles away and they don't have a car.  But I'm welcome to stay in their guest room.  Which turns out to be a broom closet (hello Harry Potter).  The whole time all I want to do is push.  I finally manage to get a taxi to take me back to the party where JS had disappeared.

Then I wake up. Blah.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Am I Doctor now?

Last night is coming back in bits and pieces.  I think I was a med student on academic probation for not turning in my thesis.  I discovered later that someone had stolen my thesis to put themselves at the top of the class.  I was able to get my work back and the other person was expelled.  I was more excited about wearing the medical hood at graduation.  I was also in love with Greg House.  Go figure.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Last night was crazy:

I was dating Helo (from Battlestar Galactica, yum) and my parents are totally cool with it (not sure why that's relevant, but ok).  He comes to my house and we frolic in the meadow with our shoes off.  I end up getting really bad stickers in my feet so he does the gentlemanly thing and removes them (which is gross cuz I hate feet)  He decides to go to town to get something (milk I think).  While he's gone I hear 2 gruffy voices outside planning to attack me.  I try to hide, but they come in anyway and attempt to do their worst.  Luckily for me, Helo shows up and uses his super awesome hot martial arts skills to kick their cylon butts.

So, it was mostly a good dream with a little scary part in it.  I admit, when I first woke up from that dream all I could remember was the scary part and I was a little bit paralyzed.  I literally couldn't move, I was so scared.  Then I remembered the good stuff and that made it better.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I need a Doctor

Yeah, I've used that title before.  But it's appropriate.  I forgot to document Monday night's dream yesterday.  And since I don't remember last night's, I present: DOCTOR WHO MANIAAAAAAAAAA

I'm at a gymnastics meet where I'm up next to compete.  I'm waiting on the sidelines when the Doctor comes up and plants one on me.  It seems I'm not me but River Song.  So I decided to skip the meet to run away with the Doctor.  We go boating.

Yeah, that's all I really remember.  But Matt Smith in a dream is always worth mentioning.  I'm afraid I've crossed from "fan" to "obsessed".

Monday, June 6, 2011

Too much BSG

Wow.  Last night's dream sequences were craaaaazy.

I'm at home when I hear noises outside.  I run to my room and hide under the covers.  I hear the noises outside of my window.  Freaky since I'm on the 2nd floor.  I peek out from the covers where I see an evil clown lurking.  I HATE clowns.  I'm so insanely scared of them that I've actually passed out from being approached by one.  I grow some girl balls and take a pool cue to his evil red eyes and kick him out.

I'm at home again, this time having dinner with Jamie Bamber (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0051397/) .  He had had me over for dinner at his place the night before so I'm just returning the gesture.  In walks C to announce that her one-night stand resulted in pregnancy.  I get super pissed and cry on the couch.  Jamie ends up staying the night so I can yell and scream at him.  Such a good friend.

I get to school the next day and everyone's upset.  I find out that Michael called the cops on Jamie for possession of pedophilic music.  I run to the police station to argue that just because a piece was intended for pedophilia, does not mean the owner intends to act. (confusing I know, but it makes sense in my dream)  The cops let him go, and he doesn't hold any grudges against Michael.  My two boys shake and become buddies.

The end.

I have no idea where the clown came from.  I started rewatching Battlestar Galactica, so that's how I go Jamie Bamber.  As for pedophilia?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Band and Work

So last night I dreamt I was back in band.  It was time for the annual fish fry but the food was nowhere to be found.  I remembered that I had left it at work.  So I head to the stacks where the fish, fries, & hushpuppies were all just sitting on the shelves.  For some reason I think this is the perfect opportunity to finish eating my spaghetti.  I drop some on the floor then try to clean it up with a napkin.  While doing so the building proctor and the assistant dean walk in.

Then the alarm goes off.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Prayer is a wonderful thing.  Last night I prayed that my cousin would be ok after her 12 hour surgery (removal of spinal tumors and vertebrae, replacing bone with metal rods).  This led to a dream of me taking care of her 7 children, 3 of which are adults.  I haven't spent much time with my cousin's children during my life since they live so far away (northern Louisiana).  But my cousin, S, was always the person I looked up to and admired.  So in my dream I made it my mission to care for her children as though they were not strangers, but as though we'd always known each other.  I played Civil War with the young boys and played in the kitchen with the older girls.

Prayer works.  S came through surgery just fine.  She'll be in recovery through the weekend, but will hopefully get to go home soon.  Her parents are coming in this weekend to stay with my parents; we're all going to travel to Houston to visit her in the hospital.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Save a River

Talk about crazy dreams last night! *spoilers*

First I dreamt I was the Doctor's companion.  I tell him I'm going to pop back in the Tardis for a bit for something.  I then take the controls and time travel to find River Song.  My goal is to warn her of her impending death in "Forest of the Dead."  She tries not to listen but I then explain that that's the day the Doctor first meets her.  After that day she'll never see him again, which is why she sacrifices herself anyway. *cue alarm so I never get to save her*

I'm at home when I realize something hasn't happened in over a month.  I take a certain kind of test to find that I'm 6 weeks something or other. SQUEE. 

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poker ducks

So last night's dreams were a bit all over the place. At one point I discovered a duckling at my grandmother's house. I decide to keep it. We start running through the countryside when we find one those lanterns you place fire in and it flies away. For some reason I put my duckling in it. When it starts to rise I start freaking out. Eventually it comes back down.

Next I'm in my apt (dream apt that is) when my landlord knocks on the door wanting to enter for maintenance. When he gets in he asks why my roommate hasn't paid her share of the rent. "because she passed away," I say. He leaves so I meet my friends at an English pub. We have our own room so we can play poker in peace. Super weird. I get sick of it all so I head out to find someone to talk to. I don't find Zachary Levi, but I do see Jim Parson so I thump him on the back of his head when I walk by.

I then have the bathroom dream which wakes me up.

Friday, April 29, 2011


I realize it's been a couple weeks since my last post.  Sorry.  I kinda went on a vacation.  Stay-cation more like it.  A week off was nice, even if we didn't do anything.  Went to the zoo, that's something.

Last night: I have a weird scratch on my toenail.  In the dream that scratch turned into my nail coming off.  Followed by every single toenail coming off.

I woke up crying.  The end.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hellooooooooo Nurse!

Well, Doctor really because last night featured Doctor Who.  Or to be more specific, Matt Smith.  Grrrrroooowwwllll.

I'm in New York for the exclusive sneak peak of the new season of Doctor Who.  I'm standing in line, hoping to make it into the theater when I notice a lot of people in front of me getting out of line then getting back in line.  I decide to investigate.  Turns out Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are cruising the line and stopping for pictures.  I think "ZOMG I have to haz pic taken wid hawtness" (sorry but lolcat speak makes me laugh).  I get out of line to ask Matt for a pic but he's gone.  I get super sad and sulk back to my spot.  My line buddy then steps out of line and I'm thinking he's going to get a pic with Karen.  NOPE!  He brings Matt Smith over to me and said that he told Matt how disappointed I was for missing out on a pic.  So Matt obliges!  Except my buddy can't work the camera. :(  We stand there for 15 minutes while my friend screws around.  The whole time Matt has his arm around me and doesn't complain about standing there with me (!).  It. Was. Awesome.

It's obvious I need to get my season 5 back from Amelia.  I'm going through withdrawals.  She's had more time with it than I have! (love you A)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Today sucks

Some dreams I'd rather not come true. Like last night's. I dreamt I was awaiting the end of the month to see if I was pregnant. I wasn't. I woke up. It's at the end of the month. I was hoping that dream would not come true. It did. I'm crushed. We've been trying for 2 years. Nothing. Perhaps this is a sign that I need to have a talk with my doctor.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad Dreams Reprise

I don't really have anything for last night, but Saturday night was AWFUL.

I received news that my dad had died.  I'm so upset, yet no one seems to care.  The only sympathy I get from anyone is Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  And that's only in passing.  To ease my suffering, my inlaws take me to California.  There I get accused of triple homicide.  I didn't do it!  The bodies were already dead by the time we arrived.  Unless I somehow jumped off the plane, killed them, then hopped back in the plane while it was still in the air, then it couldn't have been me.  But no one believes me.  Not even Michael.  Not even my defense attorney.  Yes, 1 day after being accused I'm in court.  I'm not even allowed to go home for my father's funeral.

At this point I wake up.  As I'm going over my dreams I end up falling back asleep for this gem:

I'm on a mission with Chuck.  I have to wear something slinky.  He has a receeding hairline.  We fight, then fall in a fountain.

That's all I remember.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Mr. Hamburger

Every single dream last night consisted of me going to Mr. Hamburger.  And if you don't know what that is, you have never been to Huntsville, TX.  They have THE BEST burgers I've ever had in my entire life.  Why am I dreaming about this place?  Well, 6 years ago they just up and closed.  No warning, reason, anything.  Just closed.  They opened sometime in the 60s I think.  And just this past month they re-opened in a new location.  Woooo!!!  I've been dying to get back there to get one of their artery-clogging, hip-expanding, cholesterol-inflating burgers.  Seriously, you can't eat there more than once a month or you'll die.  That's how good this place is.

I'm on my way to visit my parents when I make Michael pull over at Mr. Hamburger so I can get a delicious cheeseburger.  He waits in the truck while I run inside.  I'm in the super long line when Nita and Amber show up behind me.  They had the same idea.  Then my sister- and brother-in-law walk in.  To also get deliciousness.

That's really all that happened.  Every. Single. Dream.  The friends/family weren't there for every dream, but that amazing burger was.  I think I need to make a trip to Huntsville to get my fix....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grocery Shopping? Really?!

Apparently I went shopping in my dream last night...

I'm at a super super super super H.E.B.  And by 4 supers I mean, you have to take a ski lift to get to the store.  I finally get to the top and am looking for snackems.  I have a hankering for Oreos, but don't really want to buy them.  I give up and leave via the huge slide.  I then run into a cute boy who offers to buy me a drink (apparently I'm not married in this dream either).  I tell him there's no drink I haven't tasted.  He takes me to an exclusive bar where I'm handed a tiny glass with reddish-pink liquid.  It's the best thing I've ever tasted.  After my drink is finished he tells me he wants to photograph me.  Whoa buddy, not into that kind of stuff.

I don't remember much else.  I didn't want to wake up.  Too tired....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jenni's Choice

The title is obviously a play on the Doctor Who series 5 episode titled "Amy's Choice."  And as you can imagine, my dreams this weekend involved Doctor Who and choices.

Friday: I was with the Doctor and Amy and we were stuck in a time loop (similar to the Red Nose Day Comic Relief Doctor Who specials "Time" and "Space").  We kept going through portals only to end up in the same place we started from.  Finally the Doctor was able to break the spell and we all made it back safely to the TARDIS.

Last night: I was living the HBO series "Band of Brothers."  Specifically, I was betrothed to Scott Grimes' character Sgt. Malarkey.  We had to get the guns cleaned and ready for the next day's blitz.  I decide to go take a nap in one of the bunks.  While there I notice Seth MacFarlane is sleeping in the bed next to me.  I roll over to see evil Wil Wheaton in the bed on my other side.  For some reason I have to choose between them.

I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm went off.  Not sure if I'd have preferred staying asleep.  Who knows where that dream could have ended up...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nightmare City

Last night was one of those nights where no matter what I did, I couldn't wake up from the evil nightmare.  What made it worse, was that it was about work...

I'm at work when a class comes in.  The lights go out.  The students line up along the room and are even standing on the desks.  Of course I'm freaking out.  I first ask them nicely to get down.  When they scoff at me, I start yelling.  I ask the professor to help maintain her students and that in the future could she please let us know ahead of time if she was bringing a class.  She ignored me.  I decide that since I can't physically do anything to them to go back to my desk and call for backup.  Only the students have taken over the desk area.  I start screaming this time that everyone needs to get out.  One student finally listens and leaves, but she gives me a horrible face while doing so.  Backup eventually shows up and is able to herd the class out, leaving me to clean up the mess.  After the whole debacle I just want to go home and cry but everyone left work so I'm stuck there all alone.

I was actually thankful when my alarm went off.  I couldn't take that anymore....

Also, I apparently had another dream while snoozing: I went camping with the inlaws.  Somehow we ended up in the mountains with this really serene lake.  I look in the water and see snakes.  Only they have legs.  Lots of legs.  Mutant leggy snakes.  I try running away but can't.  We end up at a restaurant.

And that's all I remember about that one.

Last night Amelia and I made cake pops for her son's 1st birthday party.  Yum!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vampires in Venice

Bad bad Jenni, not taking the time to document dreams.  Shame!

Ok, now that I'm done scolding myself I have a couple dreams to post.  The first one is from Friday night.  The second from last night.

Friday: I'm handing out with Victoria when she announces that she wants to get married in 3 days.  Never mind that she hasn't had any planning or even talked to Brett.  It has to be in 3 days.  SO.  Cue whirlwind music and planning.  We find a place, a cute little wedding venue with stained glass windows and adorable wooden chairs.  I get asked to be maid of honor.  Sweet.  Never been one of those before.  Always a bridesmaid, never a maid of honor.  Instead of dress shopping, we (me, Jenny, and Melissa) get told we're wearing green bathrobes.  ???  Yeah.  Victoria's wearing a white one.  Well, I guess that's cheaper.  Victoria's mom arrives after the ceremony to announce everyone in the wedding party, including spouses, get to go to Austria for the honeymoon.  I mean, not the honeymoon suite, but that we get to take a vacation.  Oh you people know what I mean!

Last night: I find myself in a field with mutants.  As in, X-Men mutants.  And I am one.  I can read minds and fly. Sweeeeeet.  We're in the middle of a battle with some faceless enemy when a comrade takes some shrapnel to the face.  I take him back to my tent (cuz apparently I'm also the medic) and apply a salve to his wounds.  His wife comes in, upset that I'm doing my job.  The wife?  Emma Frost.  AAAHHH!!!  We're being ambushed from the inside!  I scoop up my patient and fly him away.  Except he's too heavy so all the flying is done about 3 feet off the ground.  I carry him to what I think is an abandoned theatre.  Turns out it's a meeting place for vampires.  And they're in a super big meeting with the elders (this is what I get for watching Being Human right before bed).  I drop my patient who is promptly eaten.  Everyone then stops and stares at me, including my old roommate Kari.  Wait, she's a vampire now too?!  Apparently so.   I try to plead my case that I never meant to become human, it wasn't my fault.  I kneel before the head elder asking him to re-vamp me.  My request is denied.  I'm doomed to walk the earth forever as a half-vampire.  Suddenly a lone vamp comes up and bites my neck.  I see the elders rushing our way and scream at them "it wasn't my idea."  They rip off the other vamp's head and he's dead.  I get spared. Cue alarm

And that's it.  I'm surprised I didn't dream of Doctor Who, I've been watching it every day since it came in the mail a week ago.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Doctor, Musician, and Captain...

... all walk into a bar.  Kidding, they were all in my dream.  And not those characters exactly, but the actors who portray them.  Scott Grimes, Bob Guiney, and Nathan Fillion.  Oh yeah....

I'm hanging out at home when the doorbell rings.  At my door?  Scott Grimes and Bob Guiney.  They smelled my delicious southern cookin' and felt like stopping by.  I get them seated at my table and serve them like a good southern gal does.  While we're eating my friend's daughter pops her head out of a bedroom and wants to know why she can't find her doll.  I excuse myself from the table and find it for her.  When I get back Scott's gone and Bob's doing the dishes.  Of course I'm sad one of hotness has left but hey, I still have Bob!  The door knocks *again* only this time it's Nathan Fillion!  He also smelled my yummy food and wanted a taste (I just realized that all sounds dirty.  It's not.  I promise.  I'm a good girl, I am!).  So Bob's washing dishes and I'm eating with Nathan.  Jodi Benson is there too.  Who is she?  Well, she was the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid.  We also share a birthday.  Which I pointed out.  And in my dream she was married to Nathan (lucky girl).

Then my STUPID alarm clock goes off.  a;foiaj43kj321-08uj  That's my angry type.  That'll teach me to stay up super late watching Doctor Who...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Running to Swimming

I'm posting now so I don't forget.

Dream: I'm leaving my grandmother's house for a track meet with my track partner, Devon.  As in, Devon Sawa. (I was going to post a pic of him but can't find one I like).  We get in our wagon and head off.  Yes, a little red wagon.  That's being pulled by our trainer's car.  We go down the road to my aunt's house for lunch.  My parents, in-laws, and the sister's bff are all there.  So is Matt Smith (!).  And Zachary Levi (!!).  We're all eating dinner to load up on energy for the swim meet.  Yeah, we started out as runners but became swimmers, go figure.  I try to convince everyone that I need to eat rice or pasta since carbs will give me energy.  No one seems to care and I end up with a big plate of vegetables (but will eat them anyway since they were made my aunt, YUM).  So after I finish eating I try to fix my hair for the pool.  Since my hair is still a bit short, it won't go into braids like it used to.  I get frustrated and head to the bathroom to see what I can do with it.  While in there I hear laughing.  Not sure what's going on, but I finally get my hair done which was the important thing.  I come back out to find everyone gone. *sad face*  I start running up and down the street till I find Emily (friend Emily in England, not cousin Emily).  I ask her why she's here and not in England.  Apparently she got through with her program early and came home. We go out to dinner.  Other camp people show up and we head to class (??).  The Brigadier (DW character) is teaching class when Jamie gets mad and starts contradicting everything he says.  He gets mad and she starts to walk out in a huff.  He says that if she leaves he'll have her arrested for treason.  She walks out anyway.  The rest of us are staring in disbelief.

Cue alarm.  It was a bit weird and confusing but at least I remembered!

Happier times: I ordered season 5 of Doctor Who and it arrived in the mail yesterday!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a bird, it's a plane...

I remembered my dream last night!  In detail.

I'm at a party with Chuck people.  And by that I mean: Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, and Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice guy).  Only they were in character.  And I think it was an episode.  Who knows.  Anyway, there was some trouble with Greta (IM's character) and it turns out he was working for the bad guys.  I kick in the face, roundhouse style, and make for the getaway car.  Which just happens to be an '83 Oldsmobile that doesn't like to start.  Or go fast.  Or be put in gear.  Yet somehow I escaped.  Go figure.  So I'm driving away when I see my mom and little brother (yeah, in this dream I have a 12 yo brother. weird) trying to set up the new house.  I decided to have dinner with them, and also Casey and Chuck.  Mom starts talking about work so I start talking about work.  Casey has to shut me up for fear of me exposing myself (Mom doesn't know I'm a superhero/spy).  I decide to just go ahead and leave, but little bro wants to know what I'm doing.  I try my best to get rid him but he just won't leave me alone.

Then the alarm goes off.  Cheese and crackers!

Hotness :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Oohh SVU, hello!

Last night's dream finally made it into the Law&Order universe.  I had a dream about SVU!

Elliot and I are on a stakeout.  Not sure where Olivia is, but she called to say she'd be late.  So the stakeout is in some opera house.  We're on the top tier.  A shot rings out.  Oh noez, Elliot is shot! (yeah, I said "noez". Big whoop, wanna fight about it?)  I have no idea how to treat a gun wound.  Apparently that's not covered in police detective training.  I look around thinking someone will come and save us.  Someone does.  It's Olivia.  "Crap!" I think, "Just when we had our alone time."  Although I'm quite sure how alone time would work with a gunshot wound, but I digress.

I'm not really sure what happened after that.  I had trouble sleeping last night.  Might've had something to do with hitting my head on the couch earlier in the day.  Or the time change.  Yeah, we'll go with that.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Slacker? Yeah, that's me

I'm such a slacker, but honestly, I just haven't been remembering my dreams lately.  I try, I really do.  Even this morning as soon as I woke up I stayed in bed (and awake!) going over my dreams so that I could post them.  Alas, they have been forgotten.  About the only thing I can remember is David Tennant and Matt Smith were in them.  I'm not sure if it was a Doctor Who dream or not... I don't think it was.  I promise I'll try to remember more dreams.  I like going back over what I've dreamt and reliving the feelings those dreams invoked.

Side note: my wonderful friend Amelia made some cake pops this week.  Delicious!
They didn't look like these (hers were lemon with white chocolate coating), but oh soooooo good.  Basically you bake a cake, put it in a food processor with a jar of icing, mix it up, roll the cake/icing mix into balls, put lolli sticks in the balls, freeze, dip in candy coating.  Yum!

Aaaaand now for some hotness:

Aaaaand an awesome clip of David Tennant and Catherine Tate, doing what they do best together: comedy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

First let it be known that I ran a half marathon yesterday. Go me! Finished in 3 hours and 38 minutes :)

Second, last nigh I dreamt I was in a musical with Zachary Levi. He was also the composer. We had to spend a lot of nights rehearing and trying to keep people from taking over. He also never gave me my christmas present. Tanya found it and threw it at me. He had gotten me a limited edition collectors Rapunzel doll *heart*. I knew at that moment we were meant for each other.

**edit** Let it be known that I have to edit this post.  Mostly for the typos.  Sorry guys, I was posting from my phone in bed, obviously still groggy from my muscle relaxer.  Also, I need to add hotness in the form of ZL
(from the movie Spiral)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We'll Be Livin on the Run Again

First off, the bff started a blog! Head over to http://running-in-my-stockings.blogspot.com/ to see Victoria's dreams when you're finished with mine :)

So last night's dream: Umm... I can't remember how it started....  Crap...  Oh yeah!

I'm at SHSU with Amelia helping with a track meet when my phone rings.  It's not a number I recognize but I answer anyway (yeah, that NEVER happens in real life).  It's a guy who says "My girlfriend's grandmother passed away".  Me: "Umm ok.  I'm very sorry for your/her loss."  Him: "But you know my girlfriend.  It's Victoria."  Me: "Oh!  You're Brett?  I didn't know Victoria's grandmother had died, I figured she'd call me with that news."  Him: "That's why I'm calling.  It's on her behalf."  Me: "Ok."  Silence.  Him: *yelling* "WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING TO ME?!"  Me: "Dude, calm down.  You called me, remember?  And it's not like I've ever met you so we don't have much to talk about."  Him: *continues screaming stuff that I can't make out*  I end up just hanging up on him.  Fast forward to Christmas, and I'm hanging out with my cousin James.  He's bought a new house and his wife doesn't want me to enter.  So I decide to take the storage shed for a drive.  And by that I mean, I somehow managed to add wheels to a shed, a motor, and a steering wheel inside to literally drive a shed.  And no, I didn't have a driver's side window, I maneuvered that sucker from the dead center.

Then I woke up coughing.  Again.  I'm surprised I remembered that much...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Medically induced dreams

The past few nights have been crazy. My dreams have been very strange due to meds/lack of sleep/too much sleep. For instance, last night I dreamt I got contacts but could only manage putting in one. After putting it in I went outside to tell Roger (from American Dad). I walked out in time to see him being thrown in a trunk. Nathan Fillion sees it as well so we hop in his truck and take off after the car. We follow it to a run down crack house. We burst inside to find a hole in the floor filled with pizza and maggots (we all know how I feel about maggots). I run out of the house and Nathan comes after me to comfort me. A cop shows up to take our statements. For some reason I tell the cop Nathan is my father. After the cop leaves I tell Nathan "next time I'll say you're my brother; that's more believeable since you're 10 years older than me."

And then I woke up. I think kitty jumped on me and it startled me.

Friday, February 25, 2011

"And the next American Idol is..."

Ok first off?  I do NOT watch AI.  I did the first season, just because it was new.  After that?  Nope.  Too mind-melting for me.  So.... Last night's dream (what I remember) was cut short; not because of the alarm, but because I woke up really needing to use the... ahem... facilities (honestly, how do you politely say you need to pee?!).

I'm in a studio watching an interview of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.  The interviewer asks if they've ever had any musical upbringing.  They then break out in a haunting duet.  I'm in the corner crying because I want to push Karen out of the way so I can sing with Matt.

Then I wake up. Two freaking minutes before my alarm goes off.  That'll teach me to drink a glass of milk before bed...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Starship UK

Last night's dream really shook me up.  I had no problem when my alarm went off this morning, minus the pains that accompany falling down the stairs.  Yes, I fell down the stairs last night.  The 3rd time in about 5 months.  I'm such a klutz.  Didn't help that I was on the phone with Victoria when it happened; she got to hear the horrible sounds.

I'm on a space ship with the Doctor.  We're trying to find Rory because the aliens nabbed him and threatened to do medical experiments on him.  He and I end up running into young Kirsten Dunst (think Interview with a Vampire).  She starts following us around on the ship (sorta like on Aliens).  She gets separated from us, which I'm ok with because she's annoying.  Sometime later she finds us again, only she can't see.  She tells the Doctor that the aliens took out her hippocampus (side note: a hippocampus is a mythological sea creature. I want one.  Oh, apparently it's a brain thing too.  Dang...).  The Doctor and I both look at her suspiciously since the hippocampus has nothing to do with eyesight.  I tell her to backtrack 10 steps so she's "out of danger".  While she's off doing that, the Doctor and I shimmy up a ladder into an attic-type space.  There we find medical files on everyone that's been experimented on, including Rory.  He's had some... um... "work" done on his... well.... "down there".  

Cue alarm.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"And I said Doctor, Doctor"

Once again, Matt Smith made an appearance in my dreams.  The details are a bit vague.  I went to bed with a severe backache, which is still hanging around, so I didn't sleep a lot.  But I do remember MS was a doctor, but not The Doctor.  More like a psychiatrist.  He had me on his couch trying to get in my head.  All I could talk about was Kevin stealing my lunch.  Perhaps he could be a real doctor and make me better.  Wait, that sounds really bad....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Yes, I had another Doctor Who (Matt Smith) dream.  It was most excellent!

I'm standing in line at Disney World with my sister-in-law waiting to get ice cream.  I'm tempted to just get a scoop of everything, just because it looks amazingly delicious and I wasn't paying :)  We get our ice cream then head out to the jungle where I'm the 6 year old daughter of a jungle man.  Kinda half-Tarzan, half-George of the Jungle.  Anyway, these weird snakes start to crowd me and I think I'm about to be bit, when one of the cobras starts speaking me.  Yeah, I think I'm a parseltongue.  Well the snake turns out to be Roger from American Dad in disguise.  He says he's trying to get into a high school production of "Two and a Half Men", only they won't let adults audition.  All of a sudden I'm my real age again so I head to the school to investigate.  I see the Doctor sitting in the audience so I make my way next to him.  After the show we head to the rafters to see why we couldn't find Rory.  Turns out there's a curse of sorts on the theater and school.  Rory's head is detached but he's still alive.  We reattach his head then try to leave.  We find out the curse is "there has to be an adult in the school at all times or evil things will happen."  Hmm, crazy.  So we decide to sit through another production and sneak out.  Only everyone else has the same idea.  The Doctor is determined to save his friends so he tells me to leave and he'll figure out a way to get Rory out.  I fight the masses to make my way back to him.  "I won't leave you, not like this."  "It's ok," he says, "I'll always be with you."  Of course I'm still upset so I give him the biggest kiss ever, tell him I love him, and that I'll see him on the outside.  I make my way just outside the school where I discover these weird troll/garden gnome figurines.  The Doctor and Rory try to leave but as soon as they step out the door, the figurines turn into giant life-size monsters and start chasing us.  I run through a field and figure that running in the creek will hide me from them.  I finally get back to the Tardis where the Doctor has Rory safe and sound and he's making out with Amy.  (Rory and Amy that is).  So they're making out, and the Doctor and I profess our love for one another, yet again.

l to r: Amy, the Doctor, Rory

And dash it all if the alarm doesn't go off this morning.  Stupid work, I could've had some more good DW dreams!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Curiouser and curiouser

The past couple days have been a bit hectic, between sick chirrens and lack of sleep.  But it's better!  Though the lack of sleep means I didn't dream a lot.  I barely remember last nights.

Something about going to Huntsville for a reunion, ending up in a restaurant, holding my friend's sick child while another friend played with her pet squirrel.

Like I said, I don't remember much of it.  So to make up for it, I will post a dream I had from several weeks ago before I started blogging.  This one just went to my Doctor Who fan-friends :)

It starts out I'm in some parallel universe with 11 

(so adorable).  We're trying to figure out why a family has spaghetti for dinner every night (yeah, it's weird).  All the lights are off in the house and we're sneaking around, trying not to get caught.  All of a sudden I see a figure off to the left.  I softly whisper to 11 "we're a couple, play along."  That seems to be ok with him since he wants to do more than play along (not graphic, I promise!).  We end up running outside and  hiding in a tree.  Once the coast is clear we make it back to the Tardis where we're transported to 2000 (weird, I know) where we're at the football field in Livingston for a graduation party (only it's much nicer in my dream than in real life).  I'm climbing the bleachers (for some reason the dream-bleachers are pyramid-shaped and the party is on the other side.  Why you can't just go around the bottom, I don't know...) when I pass by 10.  Wait, what?  Yeah, 11 had reverse-regenerated back into 10. 

 He wants to get back together.  "Umm, your future self wanted to break up since I'm older than him (by a whole freakin year), so why?" "Well,-"

Dog jumps on the bed waking me up.  Dang it!

Yep, that dream occurred waaaay back in November.  I'm full of these gems :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

High life and times

I had a momentary scare: I thought I'd forgotten last night's dream!  It was a pretty good one too, if you count hot men and scary monsters as "good".

I'm on train headed for... well, I really don't know where we were headed, but it was somewhere and it was Old West-y.  And I really don't know who my party was, except they seemed like friends.  Anyway...  We're on the train and I get the chance to drive it.  I'm excited, I mean, who actually gets to drive a train?!  So I'm sitting in the conductor's seat, which is more like a tractor seat in this dream.  All of a sudden some bandits start chasing the train, thinking they can hijack it.  I'm all "no way you're getting MY train" and I stab one of the bandit girls in the head with my weird looking knife.  So I start driving the train again only to arrive at the next stop and the bandits are there.  They want revenge on me for hurting their girl, so I hide behind the caboose.  They end up detaching that car and take the rest of the train with them.  I'm now stuck with nothing but a caboose and Jacob Black.  Umm, I don't remember calling for a werewolf, and if I did, my first choice would NOT be him.  I start crying that I'm all alone.  Out of nowhere my hero, my savior, my everything shows up to take me away.  Who is it?  Jason Segel!  

Apparently we have a thing.  He takes me for a ride on his horse (twss hehehe) and somehow we end up in Sally Sparrow's house (for the non-Doctor Who peeps, that's series 3 w/Tennant).  Guess what we're faced with?  Weeping Angels, NOOOOOO!!!  Again, non-DW peeps: the weeping angels are the scariest DW monsters to me.  When you're looking at them they're angelic and peaceful, but if you blink, they become fangy and freak me out.

So Jason and I trying not to blink, which is a heckuva lot harder than it should be.  Lo and behold, who should show up to save us (me) but Matt Smith!  Yeah, I have a thing for the Doctor.  And bowties.  Bowties are cool

He took me to my uncle's house where we had soup.  And cake.  Cake is cool.

I don't really remember much after that.  I think I woke up, wondered why my alarm hadn't went off, tried to go back to sleep, only to wake up to the sound of my alarm going off.

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Call me butter, cuz I'm on a roll"

Two awesome dream nights in a row?  SWEET

I'm sitting at home with my two roommates, Josh and Aiden (from Being Human) when Aiden gets a serious craving for blood (being a vampire and all).  He gets his private stash of blood donations (from the hospital) and sits down to an evening meal.  For some reason I get so thirsty that I too tear open a bag and start drinking the blood.  I can't figure out what's wrong with me.  Aiden says it's because I'm a vamp.  Umm, what??  I decide to leave and gather my thoughts.  While I'm out Josh comes up to me and says he's having a tough time when he transforms into a werewolf.  I tell him I'll spend the night with him and try to get him through the transformation.  The days goes on and it's getting close to moonrise.  I take Josh to the basement, but all of our families are there.  I try to get them to leave so they don't get hurt/bitten/killed, but no one seems to understand.  Finally I put the smackdown on them.  And I mean SMACK. DOWN.  I use my superhuman strength to throw them out of the house (literally!).  After getting them out of the house, Josh's ex-girlfriend shows up to make fun of him.  This obviously makes me very angry, and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.  I realize my true potential: I'm half vampire, half werewolf (thankfully not hairy, nor do I have fangs).  I get really mad at the ex, not realizing that my anger really comes from being in love with Josh.  I take her by the arm and throw her over my head and onto the ground, then I just start wailing on her.  "You don't mess with the love of my life!"  Yeah, I went WWF Smackdown on her.  Josh didn't realize he had feelings for me either.  We hug, kiss, then go into the basement where I make sure he doesn't kill anyone when he transforms.

Good dream!  Now all I need to do is watch the latest episode of Being Human.  I missed it Monday :(
Aiden Josh

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Omgomgomgomg SUCH a good dream last night!

I was in high school (or college maybe I don't know, obviously that's not the good part) and was taking a Spanish test.  For some reason the teacher seemed to be taking a really long time asking the questions.  Seriously, we'd been in class 2 hours and I had no idea how I was going to explain that to my other teachers.  Paul was there too and tried to unclothe me (ew!).  When I tried to tell Prof that I was being molested, Prof turned around and lo and behold, my Spanish professor is 11! (that's Doctor Who #11, not 11 years old)  I was so excited to see him, I completely lost my train of thought and just sorta mumbled about being in love with him.  He told me to go ahead and go to my other classes but to come by later so I could finish my test.  Well, I couldn't remember which classes I had or what order they came in (typical school dream).  I finished out my day then returned to 11.  He told me that he had to wait till we were alone so that he could profess his love for me.  Weeeee!!!!  I was so happy that he reciprocated my feelings for him that I had to run my hands all over his face. We decided to run away together, but not in the Tardis.  We went ice skating instead.  And it was awesome.

My alarm went off after that (curses!) and I reeeaaally tried to continue to the dream during snoozes but alas, no such luck.  The weird part?  I turn on the tv this morning while eating breakfast/getting ready and there's a Doctor Who marathon on Syfy!  Of course, it was series 4 with 10, but that's ok!

**edited for yummy pic***

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weird and wacky Wednesday

What a weird set of dreams from last night!

It's Race Day (as I previously mentioned, I'm running a half marathon in less than 4 weeks) and I'm at the starting line with Amelia.  Amanda dropped out for reasons undeclared.  The gun goes off and everyone takes off running.  My original plan was to walk the first mile of the race to a) get warmed up and b) not get trampled by everyone else taking off.  Well, all the excitement and adrenaline got to me and I ended up running the first 2 miles of the race in less than 15 minutes.  I'm super excited about making it to the first checkpoint.  There the racers are given a chance to breath and take a break.  The next wave/leg of the race will start in 2 hours.  I want to get a head start but no one else wants to.  I decide to hop on the helicopter anyway (??).  There's a wreck at the intersection so we have to wait in traffic (yes, we're in a helicopter and stuck in traffic.  I know it doesn't make any sense).  Since the race is now super delayed I decide to head to my mom's classroom for some snacks.   I walk into the school and there in my line of sight is Scott Grimes, Zachary Levi, and Ryan Crumpton. Of course I want to talk to the first two but Ryan is adamant about speaking to me.  Fine...  We go into a small classroom where it turns out I have to repeat a day of kindergarten.  The class makes fun of me.  The teacher does me a favor and decides to hold a lesson in music.  Of course I surpass everyone.

Then the alarm goes off.  Blah.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I see it's been a while since I've posted anything.  I have no excuse.  Except for maybe not remembering my dreams.  I'd say that's a pretty good excuse.  The only thing I can remember about last night's dream is "mindfreak" and "Doctor Who."  It was 11, and he was mindfreaking my brain.  Not sure what that entailed, but that's all I can remember.

Besides, we had snow last week!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turntables and turnstiles

I really tried to remember my dreams from last night, I really did!  I even forewent hitting the snooze button so I could go over them and remember them for later posting-age.  Alas, I only remember a few snippets.

Dream: Victoria and I decide to go to our 10 year high school reunion which is being held at the high school, during school hours.  We just stroll on in (despite increased security these days) and find Neil Patrick Harris in our old hang-out spot.  Apparently we all used to hang out back then (who knew?!).  He's trying to break into our lockers to see if we left anything, but he can't remember the combo to Victoria's lock.  Somehow she remembered and we take a gander.  There are photos and a comb (wtf?!).  We then get a call from Melissa telling us her dad had passed away (Heaven forbid).  V and I head to the funeral home which just happened to be the same one my grandmother's funeral was in.  We walk in, give our condolences, and then hand the food to the family.  I brought bread, Victoria brought Girl Scout cookies.  As V and I are talking about how much fun it was hanging with Neil, Mel's dad starts breathing.  Yes, he's dead and he's breathing.  "It's a miracle!" everyone states.  Mr. C. is alive.  The bishop asks everyone to sing hymns and praise the Lord for his miracle.  Somehow I'm skeptical that a man who's been dead for days and has been embalmed can come back to life, but I get scolded by the clergy when I voice my concerns.  Instead of sitting in the pew to be looked down upon I run up to the rafters where I'm all of a sudden a ghost.  There's another ghost there who wants to kill me with a knife.  Not sure how that would work, but I'm now fleeing for my life through the church rafters desperately trying to get my friends to know I'm still alive but only a ghost now.  The other ghost starts speaking in a weird language so I float to the basement where I meet up with Victoria.  We try to out-float the other ghost but he keeps tracking us.   

It's at this point I force myself to wake up cuz I'm just too dang scared to let that dream go on.

WHEW!  I guess I remembered more than I thought I did!  All I needed was to start writing and the rest came back to me.  Yay!  Not that anyone will read this, aside from Victoria.  And if anyone DOES read, please feel free to leave comments so I know I'm not typing to myself.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You give love a bad name

Dream 1: I was in a relationship with Steve Smith from American Dad. We were camping with his family when Stan tries to impregnate him. This being too much for me, I break things off.

Dream 2: I'm in a relationship with Ang from Avatar the Last Airbender (obviously he's older in this dream). I'm a water bender from the eastern tribe and I'm threatened by Ang and Katara's friendship. So I decide to battle her for his attention. Somehow our battle takes us to Canada where we're confused about the advanced civilization. I mean, they have a Best Buy and a Kohl's! We sneak into a bathroom and steal some clothes so we'll fit in. A security guard catches us but I use my supreme bending to end him.

Too bad the storm woke me up, that was a fun dream!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hakuna Matata

Found out this morning at least one person reads my blog. Thanks Victoria!

Dream: I'm outside at my parents when I notice my trampoline is still set up. I hop on and for some reason keep running to the edge and almost falling off. I'm having fun when my 10 year old cousin comes over and wants to put Chloe up there with us. I have to point out that dogs aren't comfortable on non-solid surfaces.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I see I've neglected you, poor blog.  The past couple days I haven't really remembered my dreams.  I remember last night's though, it was kind of a nightmare.

I'm at work and there's a class coming in to do research.  The professor didn't let us know before hand so we're trying to make sure all the students get registered first, then give us their needs/wants.  They start getting rowdy so I stand on a table (the horror!) and explain to them Reading Room policies.  I notice a girl at the next table mocking me.  I follow her outside at the lunch break and I punch her (anger issues?).  I then proceed to take a 2 hour lunch (which I actually did take today), forgetting that Michael was in the class so I kinda left him behind.

Yeah, I don't really remember much.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vampires and Werewolves

I've become addicted to Being Human.

Dream: I'm a vampire killer (NOT a slayer) but I'm in love with a vampire (again, not a slayer).  I'm contracted by some company to take out a gang of vamps.  I track down the gang and am getting ready to start killing when I notice that one of the vamps is my boyfriend.  I try calling the man who hired me but he's dead set (haha) on killing them.  I manage to convince the vamps I'm on their side and they scatter.  I tell my boyfriend I love him then run away.  My parents find me on the side of the road (for some reason I'm about 19-20 in this dream) and take me to a cafe.  There I find the boyfriend who decides that this is the perfect place to express our love (not going into detail here).  I'm freaking out because my parents are right outside.  

And the alarm goes off.  Always does at the good parts....

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bad Dreams

Last night was just chock full of bad dreams.  Weird since I had an amazing weekend.  I went to Dallas and got to see good friends and my most adorable niece.

Dream 1: I'm at a train crossing waiting for the train to finish... well, crossing.  There's a cop behind me so it's not like I can zoom across the tracks.  As the train is going by I notice weird faces coming out of the windows.  I don't really think anything of it.  I finally get to cross the tracks.  Once on the other side I notice the same faces just appearing out of thin air along the tree line.  I get out of my car to inspect (yeah, that's a great idea).  As I get closer to the faces I can make them out.  They're dog heads on human bodies.  They open their mouths to reveal thousands of fangs.  I'm freaked.  I back away and see the cop from before is standing next to me.  I ask him what they are.  He replies "Welcome to Hell" as he opens his mouth to reveal those same fangs.  A bright light emerges and all of a sudden I'm in the tree line with the dog-people.  Only now I'm one of them.

I woke up from that dream with a start.  Talk about scary!  I didn't even watch/read anything remotely evil over the weekend.

Dream 2: I'm at camp.  It's my turn to do the zip line, since it's all about holding on and not letting go.  That's a problem for me since I lack upper body strength.  I manage to make it to the end.  Once at the end you're supposed to zip back UP the line.  Hmm.  That's hard enough, but to make it worse the people who went before me were having problems getting back up.  Somehow I use my amazing leg strength to push it back to the top.  The only way down from the tower is to jump in the pool.  Good thing I have my swimsuit on.  After toweling off we're supposed to go to the assembly hall for a memorial for Maj. Dick Winters (WWII hero immortalized in HBO's Band of Brothers).  Assembly ends and it's time for Lights Out.  We're transported back to my old bedroom at my parents old house.  I'm on MY bed with MY comforter.  Everyone else is on the floor.  The cabin leader comes in to double check the sleeping arrangements.  Apparently since it's my room/bed I'm supposed to be a "good hostess" and let someone else have the bed.  I grudgingly accept, grab my comforter and try to find a place on the floor.  As I'm getting my comforter spread out in the way that will help my hip most (sleeping on the floor causes my hips GREAT pain), the cabin leader says I should give up my comforter as well since the person who took my bed has lung cancer.  Excuse me?  Not only do I have to give up my bed, but my marshmallowy comforter as well?!  I try to explain the hip thing but apparently cancer trumps that.

Yeah, crazy dreams.