Friday, April 25, 2014

Health update

Still not pregnant.

No, this one's all about M.  He finally went to the doctor, because our insurance is crazy and says if you don't get a physical/wellness exam every year then you have to pay an extra $30/month.  Crazy, right?  Well it ended up being a blessing because I've been trying to get him to see a doctor for months for just random stuff.  His doctor diagnosed him with sleep apnea (which, DUH), which in turn caused his high blood pressure and acid reflux disease.  He had to do a sleep study and as of today is being prescribed a CPAP.  He also got his blood work back and learned he has Type II diabetes.  Which means he can no longer have his favorite foods (bread, corn, potatoes, Coke, brownies).  I'm afraid his new diet will kill him faster than the diabetes.  This means he has to learn how to eat proper vegetables.  Those things that would go to waste if I bought them for myself bc they'd spoil before I'd eat them all.

So now I have to learn how to cook all new things.  Pinterest is being surprisingly helpful, although if you have any favorite low-carb/no starch/diabetic recipes, please send them my way.  Right now he thinks he gets to eat MEAT MEAT AND MORE MEAT, but um, no.  That's not going to happen.

Oh, and the sleep apnea is also causing problems with babymaking.  He can't sleep, therefore he's tired ALL the time, so he never wants to do stuff.  Seriously, it sometimes feels like we're just roommates.  The kind where I do all the cooking and cleaning while he watches tv and sleeps.  Yeah, he's not going to be able to use the excuse "I'm tired" too much longer.  Once he gets his CPAP, I expect him to start pulling his weight again.  I'm trying to be supportive and understanding, but MY GOD it can be so annoying.