Friday, November 14, 2014

Something new-ish

I saw my endocrinologist yesterday and told him about needing IVF.  He was very understanding, as he and his wife had to do the same for their two children.  We talked about alternative/homeopathic options, and he's open to me trying whatever herbs I want.  He also gave me the option of going on birth control for three months to "reset" my reproductive system.  I figure there's no harm, and it's free with insurance, so I agreed.  It's not like we were going to be able to do IVF right away.

Both sets of parents have agreed to help out with a portion of the cost, if needed (which probably, although I'm hoping against hope the BC regimen will work).  So if it comes down to it, we won't have to take out too large of a loan.

The best part of the visit with my endo was him telling me to cut the stress out (I know, easier said than done).  He said sometimes you just have to "tell everyone to screw off" while throwing up the bird.  Yeah, he's a keeper.