Thursday, June 25, 2015

Long time coming

Has it really been since November since I posted? Wow, sorry yall.  Here are some updates:

With the encouragement of my therapist and ob-gyn, I started anti-depressants.  What a difference!  I've been on them since February and honestly, I've never felt better.  All of the anger that has been plaguing me is gone.  I no longer feel like the world is out to get me.  I don't feel pressured to produce a kid.  I mean, I still want kids, but the thought of not having one doesn't send me into a depressive spiral.

We bought a house!  Granted, we can't move in until mid-August and our lease at the apartment is up at the end of July, so yeah, we'll be homeless for a couple of weeks.  Thankfully we have family that is willing to put up with us.

And that's it. I think?