Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I think I'm all out of words to insert "cyst" in.  Anyway, my doc called me yesterday afternoon.  He's putting me on birth control pills for a month to regulate my hormones aka shrink the current cyst and prevent any more from popping up.  Seems counterproductive, but I guess he knows what he's talking about.  M calls it my Anti-Pregnancy Pregnancy Pill.

Sidewaysedly: I learned that my insurance covers birth control pills 100%.  A nice surprise.  And a thankful one.  Could you imagine working for a company *cough* Hobby Lobby *cough* that doesn't?  So when I have a legit medical condition (PCOS with a massive cyst) that requires the pill to regulate my body to keep me from DYING (it's rare, but a ruptured cyst could cause a wicked infection), I'm able to get said medication at little or (in my case) no cost.  "Religious freedom." PUH.  My religious freedom is that I would like to not die at a young age and also to have children.  Bc yes, as weird as it seems to be taking birth control in order to have babies, there it is.  I wonder if HL would have a problem with THAT.

/End rant/

Monday, August 11, 2014

All Cyst-ems stop

Sooo my cyst is still there. BOO.  And it's roughly the size of the ovary it's on.  Greeeaaaat.  The tech said it *did* shrink, but only a millimeter.  So now I basically sit and wait for the doc to call with next steps (if any).

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Had my follow up appointment with the specialist today.  The biopsy came back normal, as did M's sperm analysis (which resulted in a great big "I TOLD YOU SO").  One of the polyps he pulled was blocking my tube, so there was no way an egg could be fertilized.  Well that solves that.  He then said he was going to start me on Letrozole, in order to produce more eggs which would be followed by an HCG injection to force ovulation.  I had to have a quick ultrasound first to make sure everything was ok.  Well, it's not.  It seems I have a "rather large" cyst on my left ovary, which means I can't start the medication until it's gone.  I have to get another scan the first day of my next cycle to determine whether or not it dissolved on its own or will need help.  I'm hoping it goes away by itself.  The ultrasound tech explained that was why I was having severe pain on that side.  Good to know?  It still sucks though.  After leaving I sat in my car and cried.  Here I thought we'd be making a new set of plans to carry out but it ends up being more waiting.

M is trying to be supportive, but I think he realizes I need to vent & just be upset about it for a while.  He kept sending me links and info on cysts, which is fine, but the fact is I still have to wait until next week to determine whether or not we can move forward.