Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hellooooooooo Nurse!

Well, Doctor really because last night featured Doctor Who.  Or to be more specific, Matt Smith.  Grrrrroooowwwllll.

I'm in New York for the exclusive sneak peak of the new season of Doctor Who.  I'm standing in line, hoping to make it into the theater when I notice a lot of people in front of me getting out of line then getting back in line.  I decide to investigate.  Turns out Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are cruising the line and stopping for pictures.  I think "ZOMG I have to haz pic taken wid hawtness" (sorry but lolcat speak makes me laugh).  I get out of line to ask Matt for a pic but he's gone.  I get super sad and sulk back to my spot.  My line buddy then steps out of line and I'm thinking he's going to get a pic with Karen.  NOPE!  He brings Matt Smith over to me and said that he told Matt how disappointed I was for missing out on a pic.  So Matt obliges!  Except my buddy can't work the camera. :(  We stand there for 15 minutes while my friend screws around.  The whole time Matt has his arm around me and doesn't complain about standing there with me (!).  It. Was. Awesome.

It's obvious I need to get my season 5 back from Amelia.  I'm going through withdrawals.  She's had more time with it than I have! (love you A)

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