Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poker ducks

So last night's dreams were a bit all over the place. At one point I discovered a duckling at my grandmother's house. I decide to keep it. We start running through the countryside when we find one those lanterns you place fire in and it flies away. For some reason I put my duckling in it. When it starts to rise I start freaking out. Eventually it comes back down.

Next I'm in my apt (dream apt that is) when my landlord knocks on the door wanting to enter for maintenance. When he gets in he asks why my roommate hasn't paid her share of the rent. "because she passed away," I say. He leaves so I meet my friends at an English pub. We have our own room so we can play poker in peace. Super weird. I get sick of it all so I head out to find someone to talk to. I don't find Zachary Levi, but I do see Jim Parson so I thump him on the back of his head when I walk by.

I then have the bathroom dream which wakes me up.

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