Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad Dreams Reprise

I don't really have anything for last night, but Saturday night was AWFUL.

I received news that my dad had died.  I'm so upset, yet no one seems to care.  The only sympathy I get from anyone is Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  And that's only in passing.  To ease my suffering, my inlaws take me to California.  There I get accused of triple homicide.  I didn't do it!  The bodies were already dead by the time we arrived.  Unless I somehow jumped off the plane, killed them, then hopped back in the plane while it was still in the air, then it couldn't have been me.  But no one believes me.  Not even Michael.  Not even my defense attorney.  Yes, 1 day after being accused I'm in court.  I'm not even allowed to go home for my father's funeral.

At this point I wake up.  As I'm going over my dreams I end up falling back asleep for this gem:

I'm on a mission with Chuck.  I have to wear something slinky.  He has a receeding hairline.  We fight, then fall in a fountain.

That's all I remember.

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