Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Running to Swimming

I'm posting now so I don't forget.

Dream: I'm leaving my grandmother's house for a track meet with my track partner, Devon.  As in, Devon Sawa. (I was going to post a pic of him but can't find one I like).  We get in our wagon and head off.  Yes, a little red wagon.  That's being pulled by our trainer's car.  We go down the road to my aunt's house for lunch.  My parents, in-laws, and the sister's bff are all there.  So is Matt Smith (!).  And Zachary Levi (!!).  We're all eating dinner to load up on energy for the swim meet.  Yeah, we started out as runners but became swimmers, go figure.  I try to convince everyone that I need to eat rice or pasta since carbs will give me energy.  No one seems to care and I end up with a big plate of vegetables (but will eat them anyway since they were made my aunt, YUM).  So after I finish eating I try to fix my hair for the pool.  Since my hair is still a bit short, it won't go into braids like it used to.  I get frustrated and head to the bathroom to see what I can do with it.  While in there I hear laughing.  Not sure what's going on, but I finally get my hair done which was the important thing.  I come back out to find everyone gone. *sad face*  I start running up and down the street till I find Emily (friend Emily in England, not cousin Emily).  I ask her why she's here and not in England.  Apparently she got through with her program early and came home. We go out to dinner.  Other camp people show up and we head to class (??).  The Brigadier (DW character) is teaching class when Jamie gets mad and starts contradicting everything he says.  He gets mad and she starts to walk out in a huff.  He says that if she leaves he'll have her arrested for treason.  She walks out anyway.  The rest of us are staring in disbelief.

Cue alarm.  It was a bit weird and confusing but at least I remembered!

Happier times: I ordered season 5 of Doctor Who and it arrived in the mail yesterday!!

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