Monday, March 28, 2011

Jenni's Choice

The title is obviously a play on the Doctor Who series 5 episode titled "Amy's Choice."  And as you can imagine, my dreams this weekend involved Doctor Who and choices.

Friday: I was with the Doctor and Amy and we were stuck in a time loop (similar to the Red Nose Day Comic Relief Doctor Who specials "Time" and "Space").  We kept going through portals only to end up in the same place we started from.  Finally the Doctor was able to break the spell and we all made it back safely to the TARDIS.

Last night: I was living the HBO series "Band of Brothers."  Specifically, I was betrothed to Scott Grimes' character Sgt. Malarkey.  We had to get the guns cleaned and ready for the next day's blitz.  I decide to go take a nap in one of the bunks.  While there I notice Seth MacFarlane is sleeping in the bed next to me.  I roll over to see evil Wil Wheaton in the bed on my other side.  For some reason I have to choose between them.

I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm went off.  Not sure if I'd have preferred staying asleep.  Who knows where that dream could have ended up...

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