Thursday, March 3, 2011

We'll Be Livin on the Run Again

First off, the bff started a blog! Head over to to see Victoria's dreams when you're finished with mine :)

So last night's dream: Umm... I can't remember how it started....  Crap...  Oh yeah!

I'm at SHSU with Amelia helping with a track meet when my phone rings.  It's not a number I recognize but I answer anyway (yeah, that NEVER happens in real life).  It's a guy who says "My girlfriend's grandmother passed away".  Me: "Umm ok.  I'm very sorry for your/her loss."  Him: "But you know my girlfriend.  It's Victoria."  Me: "Oh!  You're Brett?  I didn't know Victoria's grandmother had died, I figured she'd call me with that news."  Him: "That's why I'm calling.  It's on her behalf."  Me: "Ok."  Silence.  Him: *yelling* "WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING TO ME?!"  Me: "Dude, calm down.  You called me, remember?  And it's not like I've ever met you so we don't have much to talk about."  Him: *continues screaming stuff that I can't make out*  I end up just hanging up on him.  Fast forward to Christmas, and I'm hanging out with my cousin James.  He's bought a new house and his wife doesn't want me to enter.  So I decide to take the storage shed for a drive.  And by that I mean, I somehow managed to add wheels to a shed, a motor, and a steering wheel inside to literally drive a shed.  And no, I didn't have a driver's side window, I maneuvered that sucker from the dead center.

Then I woke up coughing.  Again.  I'm surprised I remembered that much...

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