Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vampires in Venice

Bad bad Jenni, not taking the time to document dreams.  Shame!

Ok, now that I'm done scolding myself I have a couple dreams to post.  The first one is from Friday night.  The second from last night.

Friday: I'm handing out with Victoria when she announces that she wants to get married in 3 days.  Never mind that she hasn't had any planning or even talked to Brett.  It has to be in 3 days.  SO.  Cue whirlwind music and planning.  We find a place, a cute little wedding venue with stained glass windows and adorable wooden chairs.  I get asked to be maid of honor.  Sweet.  Never been one of those before.  Always a bridesmaid, never a maid of honor.  Instead of dress shopping, we (me, Jenny, and Melissa) get told we're wearing green bathrobes.  ???  Yeah.  Victoria's wearing a white one.  Well, I guess that's cheaper.  Victoria's mom arrives after the ceremony to announce everyone in the wedding party, including spouses, get to go to Austria for the honeymoon.  I mean, not the honeymoon suite, but that we get to take a vacation.  Oh you people know what I mean!

Last night: I find myself in a field with mutants.  As in, X-Men mutants.  And I am one.  I can read minds and fly. Sweeeeeet.  We're in the middle of a battle with some faceless enemy when a comrade takes some shrapnel to the face.  I take him back to my tent (cuz apparently I'm also the medic) and apply a salve to his wounds.  His wife comes in, upset that I'm doing my job.  The wife?  Emma Frost.  AAAHHH!!!  We're being ambushed from the inside!  I scoop up my patient and fly him away.  Except he's too heavy so all the flying is done about 3 feet off the ground.  I carry him to what I think is an abandoned theatre.  Turns out it's a meeting place for vampires.  And they're in a super big meeting with the elders (this is what I get for watching Being Human right before bed).  I drop my patient who is promptly eaten.  Everyone then stops and stares at me, including my old roommate Kari.  Wait, she's a vampire now too?!  Apparently so.   I try to plead my case that I never meant to become human, it wasn't my fault.  I kneel before the head elder asking him to re-vamp me.  My request is denied.  I'm doomed to walk the earth forever as a half-vampire.  Suddenly a lone vamp comes up and bites my neck.  I see the elders rushing our way and scream at them "it wasn't my idea."  They rip off the other vamp's head and he's dead.  I get spared. Cue alarm

And that's it.  I'm surprised I didn't dream of Doctor Who, I've been watching it every day since it came in the mail a week ago.

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