Thursday, February 17, 2011

Curiouser and curiouser

The past couple days have been a bit hectic, between sick chirrens and lack of sleep.  But it's better!  Though the lack of sleep means I didn't dream a lot.  I barely remember last nights.

Something about going to Huntsville for a reunion, ending up in a restaurant, holding my friend's sick child while another friend played with her pet squirrel.

Like I said, I don't remember much of it.  So to make up for it, I will post a dream I had from several weeks ago before I started blogging.  This one just went to my Doctor Who fan-friends :)

It starts out I'm in some parallel universe with 11 

(so adorable).  We're trying to figure out why a family has spaghetti for dinner every night (yeah, it's weird).  All the lights are off in the house and we're sneaking around, trying not to get caught.  All of a sudden I see a figure off to the left.  I softly whisper to 11 "we're a couple, play along."  That seems to be ok with him since he wants to do more than play along (not graphic, I promise!).  We end up running outside and  hiding in a tree.  Once the coast is clear we make it back to the Tardis where we're transported to 2000 (weird, I know) where we're at the football field in Livingston for a graduation party (only it's much nicer in my dream than in real life).  I'm climbing the bleachers (for some reason the dream-bleachers are pyramid-shaped and the party is on the other side.  Why you can't just go around the bottom, I don't know...) when I pass by 10.  Wait, what?  Yeah, 11 had reverse-regenerated back into 10. 

 He wants to get back together.  "Umm, your future self wanted to break up since I'm older than him (by a whole freakin year), so why?" "Well,-"

Dog jumps on the bed waking me up.  Dang it!

Yep, that dream occurred waaaay back in November.  I'm full of these gems :)

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