Friday, February 25, 2011

"And the next American Idol is..."

Ok first off?  I do NOT watch AI.  I did the first season, just because it was new.  After that?  Nope.  Too mind-melting for me.  So.... Last night's dream (what I remember) was cut short; not because of the alarm, but because I woke up really needing to use the... ahem... facilities (honestly, how do you politely say you need to pee?!).

I'm in a studio watching an interview of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.  The interviewer asks if they've ever had any musical upbringing.  They then break out in a haunting duet.  I'm in the corner crying because I want to push Karen out of the way so I can sing with Matt.

Then I wake up. Two freaking minutes before my alarm goes off.  That'll teach me to drink a glass of milk before bed...

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