Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You give love a bad name

Dream 1: I was in a relationship with Steve Smith from American Dad. We were camping with his family when Stan tries to impregnate him. This being too much for me, I break things off.

Dream 2: I'm in a relationship with Ang from Avatar the Last Airbender (obviously he's older in this dream). I'm a water bender from the eastern tribe and I'm threatened by Ang and Katara's friendship. So I decide to battle her for his attention. Somehow our battle takes us to Canada where we're confused about the advanced civilization. I mean, they have a Best Buy and a Kohl's! We sneak into a bathroom and steal some clothes so we'll fit in. A security guard catches us but I use my supreme bending to end him.

Too bad the storm woke me up, that was a fun dream!

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