Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Yes, I had another Doctor Who (Matt Smith) dream.  It was most excellent!

I'm standing in line at Disney World with my sister-in-law waiting to get ice cream.  I'm tempted to just get a scoop of everything, just because it looks amazingly delicious and I wasn't paying :)  We get our ice cream then head out to the jungle where I'm the 6 year old daughter of a jungle man.  Kinda half-Tarzan, half-George of the Jungle.  Anyway, these weird snakes start to crowd me and I think I'm about to be bit, when one of the cobras starts speaking me.  Yeah, I think I'm a parseltongue.  Well the snake turns out to be Roger from American Dad in disguise.  He says he's trying to get into a high school production of "Two and a Half Men", only they won't let adults audition.  All of a sudden I'm my real age again so I head to the school to investigate.  I see the Doctor sitting in the audience so I make my way next to him.  After the show we head to the rafters to see why we couldn't find Rory.  Turns out there's a curse of sorts on the theater and school.  Rory's head is detached but he's still alive.  We reattach his head then try to leave.  We find out the curse is "there has to be an adult in the school at all times or evil things will happen."  Hmm, crazy.  So we decide to sit through another production and sneak out.  Only everyone else has the same idea.  The Doctor is determined to save his friends so he tells me to leave and he'll figure out a way to get Rory out.  I fight the masses to make my way back to him.  "I won't leave you, not like this."  "It's ok," he says, "I'll always be with you."  Of course I'm still upset so I give him the biggest kiss ever, tell him I love him, and that I'll see him on the outside.  I make my way just outside the school where I discover these weird troll/garden gnome figurines.  The Doctor and Rory try to leave but as soon as they step out the door, the figurines turn into giant life-size monsters and start chasing us.  I run through a field and figure that running in the creek will hide me from them.  I finally get back to the Tardis where the Doctor has Rory safe and sound and he's making out with Amy.  (Rory and Amy that is).  So they're making out, and the Doctor and I profess our love for one another, yet again.

l to r: Amy, the Doctor, Rory

And dash it all if the alarm doesn't go off this morning.  Stupid work, I could've had some more good DW dreams!

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