Thursday, February 24, 2011

Starship UK

Last night's dream really shook me up.  I had no problem when my alarm went off this morning, minus the pains that accompany falling down the stairs.  Yes, I fell down the stairs last night.  The 3rd time in about 5 months.  I'm such a klutz.  Didn't help that I was on the phone with Victoria when it happened; she got to hear the horrible sounds.

I'm on a space ship with the Doctor.  We're trying to find Rory because the aliens nabbed him and threatened to do medical experiments on him.  He and I end up running into young Kirsten Dunst (think Interview with a Vampire).  She starts following us around on the ship (sorta like on Aliens).  She gets separated from us, which I'm ok with because she's annoying.  Sometime later she finds us again, only she can't see.  She tells the Doctor that the aliens took out her hippocampus (side note: a hippocampus is a mythological sea creature. I want one.  Oh, apparently it's a brain thing too.  Dang...).  The Doctor and I both look at her suspiciously since the hippocampus has nothing to do with eyesight.  I tell her to backtrack 10 steps so she's "out of danger".  While she's off doing that, the Doctor and I shimmy up a ladder into an attic-type space.  There we find medical files on everyone that's been experimented on, including Rory.  He's had some... um... "work" done on his... well.... "down there".  

Cue alarm.

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