Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Turntables and turnstiles

I really tried to remember my dreams from last night, I really did!  I even forewent hitting the snooze button so I could go over them and remember them for later posting-age.  Alas, I only remember a few snippets.

Dream: Victoria and I decide to go to our 10 year high school reunion which is being held at the high school, during school hours.  We just stroll on in (despite increased security these days) and find Neil Patrick Harris in our old hang-out spot.  Apparently we all used to hang out back then (who knew?!).  He's trying to break into our lockers to see if we left anything, but he can't remember the combo to Victoria's lock.  Somehow she remembered and we take a gander.  There are photos and a comb (wtf?!).  We then get a call from Melissa telling us her dad had passed away (Heaven forbid).  V and I head to the funeral home which just happened to be the same one my grandmother's funeral was in.  We walk in, give our condolences, and then hand the food to the family.  I brought bread, Victoria brought Girl Scout cookies.  As V and I are talking about how much fun it was hanging with Neil, Mel's dad starts breathing.  Yes, he's dead and he's breathing.  "It's a miracle!" everyone states.  Mr. C. is alive.  The bishop asks everyone to sing hymns and praise the Lord for his miracle.  Somehow I'm skeptical that a man who's been dead for days and has been embalmed can come back to life, but I get scolded by the clergy when I voice my concerns.  Instead of sitting in the pew to be looked down upon I run up to the rafters where I'm all of a sudden a ghost.  There's another ghost there who wants to kill me with a knife.  Not sure how that would work, but I'm now fleeing for my life through the church rafters desperately trying to get my friends to know I'm still alive but only a ghost now.  The other ghost starts speaking in a weird language so I float to the basement where I meet up with Victoria.  We try to out-float the other ghost but he keeps tracking us.   

It's at this point I force myself to wake up cuz I'm just too dang scared to let that dream go on.

WHEW!  I guess I remembered more than I thought I did!  All I needed was to start writing and the rest came back to me.  Yay!  Not that anyone will read this, aside from Victoria.  And if anyone DOES read, please feel free to leave comments so I know I'm not typing to myself.

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