Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weird and wacky Wednesday

What a weird set of dreams from last night!

It's Race Day (as I previously mentioned, I'm running a half marathon in less than 4 weeks) and I'm at the starting line with Amelia.  Amanda dropped out for reasons undeclared.  The gun goes off and everyone takes off running.  My original plan was to walk the first mile of the race to a) get warmed up and b) not get trampled by everyone else taking off.  Well, all the excitement and adrenaline got to me and I ended up running the first 2 miles of the race in less than 15 minutes.  I'm super excited about making it to the first checkpoint.  There the racers are given a chance to breath and take a break.  The next wave/leg of the race will start in 2 hours.  I want to get a head start but no one else wants to.  I decide to hop on the helicopter anyway (??).  There's a wreck at the intersection so we have to wait in traffic (yes, we're in a helicopter and stuck in traffic.  I know it doesn't make any sense).  Since the race is now super delayed I decide to head to my mom's classroom for some snacks.   I walk into the school and there in my line of sight is Scott Grimes, Zachary Levi, and Ryan Crumpton. Of course I want to talk to the first two but Ryan is adamant about speaking to me.  Fine...  We go into a small classroom where it turns out I have to repeat a day of kindergarten.  The class makes fun of me.  The teacher does me a favor and decides to hold a lesson in music.  Of course I surpass everyone.

Then the alarm goes off.  Blah.

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