Tuesday, February 15, 2011

High life and times

I had a momentary scare: I thought I'd forgotten last night's dream!  It was a pretty good one too, if you count hot men and scary monsters as "good".

I'm on train headed for... well, I really don't know where we were headed, but it was somewhere and it was Old West-y.  And I really don't know who my party was, except they seemed like friends.  Anyway...  We're on the train and I get the chance to drive it.  I'm excited, I mean, who actually gets to drive a train?!  So I'm sitting in the conductor's seat, which is more like a tractor seat in this dream.  All of a sudden some bandits start chasing the train, thinking they can hijack it.  I'm all "no way you're getting MY train" and I stab one of the bandit girls in the head with my weird looking knife.  So I start driving the train again only to arrive at the next stop and the bandits are there.  They want revenge on me for hurting their girl, so I hide behind the caboose.  They end up detaching that car and take the rest of the train with them.  I'm now stuck with nothing but a caboose and Jacob Black.  Umm, I don't remember calling for a werewolf, and if I did, my first choice would NOT be him.  I start crying that I'm all alone.  Out of nowhere my hero, my savior, my everything shows up to take me away.  Who is it?  Jason Segel!  

Apparently we have a thing.  He takes me for a ride on his horse (twss hehehe) and somehow we end up in Sally Sparrow's house (for the non-Doctor Who peeps, that's series 3 w/Tennant).  Guess what we're faced with?  Weeping Angels, NOOOOOO!!!  Again, non-DW peeps: the weeping angels are the scariest DW monsters to me.  When you're looking at them they're angelic and peaceful, but if you blink, they become fangy and freak me out.

So Jason and I trying not to blink, which is a heckuva lot harder than it should be.  Lo and behold, who should show up to save us (me) but Matt Smith!  Yeah, I have a thing for the Doctor.  And bowties.  Bowties are cool

He took me to my uncle's house where we had soup.  And cake.  Cake is cool.

I don't really remember much after that.  I think I woke up, wondered why my alarm hadn't went off, tried to go back to sleep, only to wake up to the sound of my alarm going off.

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