Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harry Potter

Just woke up and still remember my dream so here it is!

I'm on a date with my husband but in the dream he's my ex from high school, aka first love and all that. We're chilling at his place when all of a sudden his older brother walks in, gabbing about the girl he's about to get with. I'm uncomfortable b/c his brother doesn't really like me. I try to leave but Michael/Christian holds me down by the neck & says I'm not going anywhere; I'm his property.

Fast forward to later: I'm opening at work when I notice a lot of strange people inside. Also, my library seems to have grown to 8 stories and is massive. I drop off my lunch in the lounge then make my way to my desk. I ask my coworker what's going on but she's ignoring me; she's chatting up Wil Wheaton! Obviously I can't compete so I start wandering around. I find myself on the 6th floor where Neville Longbottom is running away from Malfoy. I realize I'm a wizard and this is Hogwarts. I cast some defensive spells and we hide. Malfoy and his father find us in the stacks and start to set the place on fire. I use my water charms to extinguish the fires and drown the Malfoys.

Then I woke up cuz I felt something crawling on my back. Turned out to be sweat :/

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