Monday, July 18, 2011

Matt Smith-apalooza

Wow.  Two nights in a row I dreamt of Matt Smith.  AWESOME

Saturday night: I was sorta Penny in Big Bang Theory, only me instead of her, but still on the show...?  I'd just broken up with Leonard but didn't have a place to stay so I bogarted Sheldon's room.  I woke up the next morning to find Sheldon in bed with me.  WHAT???  He's so anal about sleeping in his own bed that even though I was in it he went ahead and slept there too.  So we decide to forget about that weirdness and go to church.  We sit in the front row to see who the new preacher is.  Um, it's Adam Baldwin.  And he's not even preaching about God, he's preaching extreme right-wing beliefs.  SO not the place for me.  But since it's church we stay.  We stand up to sing a hymn and Sheldon takes my hand.  "This is ok, right?" he says.  Me: "Um, sure I guess."

Sunday night: I'm fighting some sort of battle against robot cats and the only way to defeat them is to pretend to be one of them.  So I go down a manhole and try to fit in.  I end up going through a lot of catacombs and somehow find myself outside the Walls unit where someone's about to be executed.  I do a 180 then find myself in a corridor, 9 months pregnant and about to go into labor.  My doctor finds me and puts me in bed.  The nurse on duty discovers that my baby is breached and I'll need a c-section.  My nurse/doctor?  JASON SEGEL.  He calls my husband, who in this dream is Matt Smith.  I'm in extreme pain so of course I'm yelling. Eventually I realize screaming and crying isn't doing anything for the pain so I eventually just stop and begin to shake.  Shaking is apparently very bad for me so Jason gets behind me and has to hold me down.  Of course this being the time that Matt shows up.  He's just a little jealous, seeing as how Jason is my ex and quite possibly the father of my child (DRAMA).  While Jason's holding me the doctor starts cutting.  I feel the pain & start screaming (side note: I'm surprised I wasn't actually screaming, as the pain felt real).   My baby is born and it's a little (tiny) girl with seriously blue eyes.  As I'm holding her I'm trying to remember which dude, Matt or Jason, has the blue eyes.  Oops.

ALARM.  Lame.  Interesting dreams for sure.

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