Monday, June 6, 2011

Too much BSG

Wow.  Last night's dream sequences were craaaaazy.

I'm at home when I hear noises outside.  I run to my room and hide under the covers.  I hear the noises outside of my window.  Freaky since I'm on the 2nd floor.  I peek out from the covers where I see an evil clown lurking.  I HATE clowns.  I'm so insanely scared of them that I've actually passed out from being approached by one.  I grow some girl balls and take a pool cue to his evil red eyes and kick him out.

I'm at home again, this time having dinner with Jamie Bamber ( .  He had had me over for dinner at his place the night before so I'm just returning the gesture.  In walks C to announce that her one-night stand resulted in pregnancy.  I get super pissed and cry on the couch.  Jamie ends up staying the night so I can yell and scream at him.  Such a good friend.

I get to school the next day and everyone's upset.  I find out that Michael called the cops on Jamie for possession of pedophilic music.  I run to the police station to argue that just because a piece was intended for pedophilia, does not mean the owner intends to act. (confusing I know, but it makes sense in my dream)  The cops let him go, and he doesn't hold any grudges against Michael.  My two boys shake and become buddies.

The end.

I have no idea where the clown came from.  I started rewatching Battlestar Galactica, so that's how I go Jamie Bamber.  As for pedophilia?  Your guess is as good as mine.

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