Friday, June 17, 2011

I need a Doctor

Wow I use that title a lot!  But unfortunately last night's dream did not include Doctor Who.  I actually needed a real doctor.

I'm at a party, 9 months pregnant with Jason Segel's child (uh, I have no idea), when I realize I'm going into labor.  I walk out of the mansion where the party's being held and just start walking down the road.  I end up at a house that's not mine.  I go inside looking for a doctor.  The lady who lives there said the closest hospital is 40 miles away and they don't have a car.  But I'm welcome to stay in their guest room.  Which turns out to be a broom closet (hello Harry Potter).  The whole time all I want to do is push.  I finally manage to get a taxi to take me back to the party where JS had disappeared.

Then I wake up. Blah.

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