Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Doctor (of course)

Wow, last night's dream was vivid.  And of course it featured The Doctor.  Which is weird because I haven't watched Doctor Who in a while.

I had made plans to meet Amelia at the movies.  We get there about 15 minutes before the show starts and she tells me that she invited a guy friend.  I'm ok with that.  She then calls said friend to ask where he's at.  The whole time they're on the phone she's laughing and giggling.  Almost like flirting....  Anyway, she gets off the phone and says that he's stuck in traffic in Houston and won't be able to make the show so we'll just have to reschedule.  Let me reiterate.  We're at the theater, have our tickets, but b/c he's in Houston we're cancelling?  Oh no.  I go in anyway, one less a friend.  I end up seeing Michael/The Doctor (yes, he's the same person in this dream.  I'm totally ok with that.  Also, Michael's new haircut makes him look like Matt Smith) and sit next to him.  So the movie's progressing and I notice there's a shady figure off to the right.  It's The Master!  Only he's also a Shade.  He locks eyes with The Doctor and has his mind, but only for a second.  The three of us leave the theater to have it out outside.  The Master tries breaking in to several cars with no success.  I finally trap The Master on the ground and make him swear in the ancient language that he won't hurt us, especially The Doctor since they used to be bffs.  He swears that he won't hurt us, but then breaks away to cause havoc worldwide.  He starts brainwashing people; you can tell they've been taken over by their red eyes.  One lady even eats her own granddaughter.  I finally have enough and I take over his mind and defeat him.

See?  Vivid.  And a doozy.

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