Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm a Good Girl, I Am

So the past couple of days I've been watching Jeremy Renner stuff: his episode of "Angel", "Dahmer", and the short-lived tv show The "Unusuals".  Which of course led to me having an awesome dream about him.

I'm at work, only we're having a high-school-type lock-in.  It's 3am and most everyone has fallen asleep.  I'm still up and talking to Jeremy Renner, who just happens to be one of my coworkers (if only, amiright?).  He's cozying up to me, a little too close for married comfort.  Even one of the students mentions that I'm married and he shouldn't be that close.  He starts to back off, but his hand accidentally grazes mine and sparks fly.  He suggests watching a movie.  I agree, but need to change (not sure why).  I head upstairs to change and Lyndsey's still awake.  I mention in passing that I'm about to watch a movie with Jeremy and she says she'll join.  I think that's probably for the best since I'm married and he seems to be all about trying to get up in my business (I'm not quite sure what that means, but it sounded cool.  I'm cool, I promise).  We get downstairs but all the boys are hogging the tv so Jeremy and I go sit outside to watch the color guard practice for the baseball game's half-time show (I swear to God, I have no idea either).  One of the girl's mentions that I'm a slut b/c I'm married yet flirting with Jeremy.  This makes me very angry, so I run off to my secret stairway of the other library.  Jeremy ends up finding me and confesses his love (I dont' know why they always do that, but apparently in my dreams I'm desirable...?).  I confess that I have feelings for him too but not sure how that would work since I'm married and I don't do affairs.  He then reminds me that I'm only married in my dream world, which means I can be with him.  Hey, he's right!

Then I wake up at 7am even though it's a Saturday.  GAAAAAHHHHHHH

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