Friday, April 13, 2012

Comics & tv

Last night: I decide that I want to go to Cleveland to visit my family.  I buy a train ticket b/c it's cheaper than driving.  The drive itself is only 30 minutes but the train will take 3 hours to get there.  But I'm determined.  Once on the train I see that some of my other family is there.  I get to Cleveland and immediately find myself on Letterman with Jason Segel, former roommate Kari, and The Doctor (Matt Smith's Doctor, obviously).  We were all taking turns in the interview chair and on the couch.  Basically playing musical chairs.  Finally it was my turn to sit off to the side, where Andy does his podium place for Conan (yeah, totally combined shows).  The Doctor announces he's going to sit next to me, his daughter.  Whaaaaaaaat?  He holds my hand and tells me to be strong since my uncle just went in to be with my dying aunt.  He asks me how I'm doing and I just say "ok" (not to mention that I'm hyperventilating b/c OMG MATT SMITH IS HOLDING MY HAND). He leans in closer and says he wants to hear what I'm really feeling.  Huh?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  He's the Doctor and can read minds if he really concentrates.  Oh crap, I hope he doesn't get that I'm in love with him and Jason Segel.  Oh God stop thinking about it!  He'll know!  He leans back, smiling that gorgeous smirk of his.  Doesn't say anything, but I'm pretty sure he knows.  He continues to sit there, holding my hand and smiling at me. 

Then the blasted alarm goes off.  AP98WP43O;IRKNFVFP09IJ!!!!!11!!!!11!!

Two weeks ago:  I'm talking to Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner style) when I realize that I'm telekinetic.  The first thing I try is to see if I can mind-force myself into the air.  Yep!  So technically I can fly b/c I can lift myself with my mind.  He takes me to a lookout point b/c he's still on duty (heh) for the Avengers.  On our way back down he kisses me.  I'm completely taken aback.  I ask if that means we're bf/gf now and he says "well, I'd be a horrible person if we weren't."  So romantic.  He puts me in his car and we drive off to Xavier's mansion (yeah, I'm crossing the streams, but it's all in the same universe so shut up!).  I can't believe I'm about to meet Xavier. 

Then I wake up.  Sigh.

Enjoy hotness :)

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