Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Well, I met with my doctor last week and he thinks at this point the best option is IVF.  He gave me success rate percentages of other procedures, but they all have the same success rate as IUI (15-20%), whereas IVF has a success rate of 60%.  That's a significant difference.  M and I talked about it over the weekend and agreed it was our best option, even if it's going to be expensive.  After all, why spend a lot of money on multiple failed IUI cycles when we could just invest in IVF and (hopefully) be guaranteed a baby?  My doctor's financial department called yesterday with the numbers: TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.  The majority of that includes dr visits, scans, blood work, etc.  $5000 of it is for medication.  Minus the $5000, it all has to be due at the beginning of the process.  Which means we somehow have to find $15,000.  That we don't have.  We already blew through our savings this year with our other combined medical expenses.  I'm told it's a 2 and a half month process.  But it'll take way longer than that to save up for it.  I'm pretty sure we're screwed, unless our parents decide to help.  Which I don't want to bank on.  My dr gave me 2 financiers who provide loans for IVF, so we'll probably try that.  Or I could always set up a Go Fund Me account.  Yall would donate, right?

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