Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Side Effects

More side effects from the FSH shots are emerging. Specifically, bloating. I went to New Orleans this past weekend and when I came back I'd gained a couple pounds. I figured it was from all the amazing food, but considering I'd walked ~10 miles each day, that couldn't have been the case. Nope. It was the shots. Bloating and weight gain. Great...

Another side effect I'm seeing an increase in is smell sensitivity. The floors are getting waxed this morning at work and as soon as I smelled it I wanted to hurl. Just now I went into the break room to refill my water and there was a BBQ potluck. I'm 100% on board with BBQ, but for some reason the smell just turned my stomach. Man, I hope that's not going to stick around if I get pregnant.

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