Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blood work

So a couple of weeks ago I saw the specialist and he ordered a bunch of bloodwork.  The results came back:

1) I have a Vitamin D deficiency and was ordered to take OTC Vitamin D3 tablets once a day.

2) My A1C was 5.7 (anything over 5.6 is at risk for diabetes).  I explained that my A1C has been yoyoing for the past year, every time I get it tested for my endocrinologist.  Also: I'd eaten earlier that day and usually my A1C is tested after fasting.  I'm supposed to "watch what I eat and exercise."  Basically everything I've been doing already.

3) (Bear with me, I missed a lot of what she was saying on this one)  Something about my body either doesn't produce enough folic acid or the blood is lacking whatever absorbs the folic acid.  All I got was "folic acid."  So she's sending a prescription to my pharmacy that I'm supposed to take once a day.

SO.  It's good to know that I'm not crazy and "perfectly healthy yet unable to conceive."  It does seem like there's something wrong with me, even if it's not major.  The nurse also wanted to know why I hadn't called to make my ultrasound appointment.  "Umm, bc I haven't started my period yet?"  Yeah, kinda have to wait for that to start before making the appointment.  I told her it should be within the next week so she'd be hearing from me soon.

I'm feeling better about this now.  One of the things I talked about with my therapist is hating the unknown.  I don't like looking into the future and not seeing a plan.  I need deadlines and due dates in order to keep from going crazy.  She knows my specialist (or least knows of him), and says that he always has a road map in his head of where to go.  It may look like a tree branch at first, but as things are ruled out the directions become clearer and more definitive.  So now all I need is to get M to provide his sample.

(side note: spellcheck says "folic" isn't a word)

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