Thursday, June 19, 2014


I'm beginning to wonder what my coworkers think of me, having so many doctor appointments.  I mean, I also have my regular endocrinologist and dentist visits that I leave for, but now I'm leaving a lot for the specialist and therapist.  Oh well.  Let them think whatever.

I have my next appointment with the specialist on the 26th.  He wants to do a hysterosonogram to see if I'm actually producing eggs or just cysts in order to determine if I have PCOS.  I'm a little nervous, mostly because 3 years ago I had a hysterosalpingogram and it hurt like a MFer.  The nurse I spoke to today said there shouldn't be any pain, but possible cramping after.  Um, lady?  That's pain for me.  She suggested ibuprofen before and after.  Which I will definitely be doing.

I have my next therapy appointment on the 30th.  I'm looking forward to it.  M has been surprisingly supportive lately, trying to keep my spirits up.  I noticed that the week after my first appointment I ended up crying over everything.  I'm pretty sure the appointment left me emotionally raw.  Maybe that's what I need at this point.  To just get everything out instead of bottling it up.

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