Friday, June 27, 2014

Cut me open, doc

WELL.  I had my hysterosonogram yesterday.  It sucked.  I mean, it didn't hurt nearly as bad as the hysterosalpingogram, but it was still uncomfortable.  I cramped for hours after it was over.  Anyway, results.  I have two polyps in my uterus which the doc says will have to be surgically removed.  I'm waiting to hear from his office when that'll be scheduled (he drives in from Houston so availability is based on which Thursdays he can get time in the surgery area).  I'm a little nervous.  Well, a lot nervous now since I read over the process:

Doc said the polyps are most likely the reason I can't get pregnant, since they keep fertilized eggs from implanting.  I'm hoping that's all that's wrong and can get pregnant soon after their removal.  I really don't want to have to go through the pricey-ness of IVF.

Oh, and apparently my right ovary is a lazy bum.  Doc checked both ovaries and my left is right on schedule but my right is on vacation.  So the combination of lazy ovary and polyps are keeping me from my dream.

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