Monday, January 24, 2011

Bad Dreams

Last night was just chock full of bad dreams.  Weird since I had an amazing weekend.  I went to Dallas and got to see good friends and my most adorable niece.

Dream 1: I'm at a train crossing waiting for the train to finish... well, crossing.  There's a cop behind me so it's not like I can zoom across the tracks.  As the train is going by I notice weird faces coming out of the windows.  I don't really think anything of it.  I finally get to cross the tracks.  Once on the other side I notice the same faces just appearing out of thin air along the tree line.  I get out of my car to inspect (yeah, that's a great idea).  As I get closer to the faces I can make them out.  They're dog heads on human bodies.  They open their mouths to reveal thousands of fangs.  I'm freaked.  I back away and see the cop from before is standing next to me.  I ask him what they are.  He replies "Welcome to Hell" as he opens his mouth to reveal those same fangs.  A bright light emerges and all of a sudden I'm in the tree line with the dog-people.  Only now I'm one of them.

I woke up from that dream with a start.  Talk about scary!  I didn't even watch/read anything remotely evil over the weekend.

Dream 2: I'm at camp.  It's my turn to do the zip line, since it's all about holding on and not letting go.  That's a problem for me since I lack upper body strength.  I manage to make it to the end.  Once at the end you're supposed to zip back UP the line.  Hmm.  That's hard enough, but to make it worse the people who went before me were having problems getting back up.  Somehow I use my amazing leg strength to push it back to the top.  The only way down from the tower is to jump in the pool.  Good thing I have my swimsuit on.  After toweling off we're supposed to go to the assembly hall for a memorial for Maj. Dick Winters (WWII hero immortalized in HBO's Band of Brothers).  Assembly ends and it's time for Lights Out.  We're transported back to my old bedroom at my parents old house.  I'm on MY bed with MY comforter.  Everyone else is on the floor.  The cabin leader comes in to double check the sleeping arrangements.  Apparently since it's my room/bed I'm supposed to be a "good hostess" and let someone else have the bed.  I grudgingly accept, grab my comforter and try to find a place on the floor.  As I'm getting my comforter spread out in the way that will help my hip most (sleeping on the floor causes my hips GREAT pain), the cabin leader says I should give up my comforter as well since the person who took my bed has lung cancer.  Excuse me?  Not only do I have to give up my bed, but my marshmallowy comforter as well?!  I try to explain the hip thing but apparently cancer trumps that.

Yeah, crazy dreams.

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