Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vampires and Werewolves

I've become addicted to Being Human.

Dream: I'm a vampire killer (NOT a slayer) but I'm in love with a vampire (again, not a slayer).  I'm contracted by some company to take out a gang of vamps.  I track down the gang and am getting ready to start killing when I notice that one of the vamps is my boyfriend.  I try calling the man who hired me but he's dead set (haha) on killing them.  I manage to convince the vamps I'm on their side and they scatter.  I tell my boyfriend I love him then run away.  My parents find me on the side of the road (for some reason I'm about 19-20 in this dream) and take me to a cafe.  There I find the boyfriend who decides that this is the perfect place to express our love (not going into detail here).  I'm freaking out because my parents are right outside.  

And the alarm goes off.  Always does at the good parts....

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