Thursday, January 20, 2011

Niagara Falls and TV Abuse

Two dreams really stuck with me from last night.  I'm not sure how either of them came about.

Dream 1: I'm on a high school field trip to Niagara Falls.  We get to our hotel which for some reason is thisclose to the falls.  And there's a water tank outside with a narwhal.  Weird.  Anyway, as soon as we get off the bus we're served dinner.  Our placecards also tell us what room we'll be staying in.  I'd hoped to be rooming with the usual crowd (Victoria, Melissa, or Jenny) but alas, I was stuck with Cheeto Butt (oh the joys of nick names...).  After dinner a few of us decide to go get some pictures in front of the falls.  Kedric forgot batteries for his camera so he used mine.  Also, a few days before there had been an earthquake (?) so the temperature of the water had risen to scalding (just the way I like my showers).  Someone threw in a seat cushion so Rex (who was the owner of the hotel [again, ?]) walked in the ankle deep water of the falls to retrieve it.  

Dream 2: I was at a fashion show for some gymnast friends of mine.  Turns out those "friends" were the girls from Make It or Break It.  I start cheering on Payson since no one else is.  The other "friends" look at me like I'm nuts and scoot away.  After the show ends I decide "who needs them" and go off to take a shower.  Warning: this part of the dream gets a little dark.  I get to the bathroom and start pulling out my things when Mark Pellegrino storms in and throws me in the tub.  He steps on me and forces me to watch him bathe.  I manage to throw the shampoo in his face and use those few seconds to escape.

Thankfully the alarm went off after that one.  Not that I wanted the alarm to go off, my muscles are still screaming at me from my workout last night.

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