Friday, January 28, 2011


I see I've neglected you, poor blog.  The past couple days I haven't really remembered my dreams.  I remember last night's though, it was kind of a nightmare.

I'm at work and there's a class coming in to do research.  The professor didn't let us know before hand so we're trying to make sure all the students get registered first, then give us their needs/wants.  They start getting rowdy so I stand on a table (the horror!) and explain to them Reading Room policies.  I notice a girl at the next table mocking me.  I follow her outside at the lunch break and I punch her (anger issues?).  I then proceed to take a 2 hour lunch (which I actually did take today), forgetting that Michael was in the class so I kinda left him behind.

Yeah, I don't really remember much.

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