Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Over the weekend my BBT plummeted, so I had a feeling there was no baby again.  And I was right.  The weird thing is, I hadn't had ANY pms symptoms.  Not even the out-of-control mood swings or intense food cravings.  It was a longer cycle than it has been the past few months, so I wasn't sure what was going on.  I'm guessing it was being sick that threw me off?  After definite confirmation of a new cycle beginning, I forced myself not to cry and focus on other things.  I cooked dinner.  I didn't immediately throw my pj's on. At 8pm I left the apartment and went to the gym for an hour.  I hopped on a treadmill and read for class (all 30 chapters that are on our test today...).  I came home, showered, had a cookie, and got to bed at a decent hour.  Definitely not the normal schedule of things that accompany a new month.

Oh, and a guy on my facebook feed announced he was going to be a dad.  He was one of the first guys I ever crushed on.  I was 11, he was 12, and his dad was our soccer coach.  He was always nice to me, and I kept seeing him in school ever since.  We were in different cliques though, so a relationship never would've worked.  Still, I often wonder what would've happened if I'd ended up with him, or any of the other guys that I'd crushed on (M was my first, and only, *real* relationship).

To otherwise occupy myself I'm focusing on T's gender reveal.  She finds out in a week and a half (hopefully).  She said if it's a girl she might want a baby shower, but if it's another boy then she doesn't want anything.  To which I said I'd throw her a frozen dinner shower.  People can bring diapers and frozen homemade dishes.

I'm kinda glad she waited to tell me until she was 12 weeks.  That way I only have to think about it for 6 months, instead of the entire time like with my sister-in-law.  She told me the week after she found out.

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