Friday, January 31, 2014

My doc called me yesterday with the results of my pap and HPV marker test (which is apparently a thing they do now?).  Pap was normal and I'm negative for the markers.  Because of the new regulations I don't have to have another pap test for 5 years.  Although apparently annual exams still have to happen.

Anyway, funny story: I was telling M the above update and he says "Pap Smear sounds like it should be a mafia name."

Normally I wake up a few minutes before M so he never sees me take my BBT.  This morning however, he woke up before me and became confused when he saw me stick the thermometer in my mouth, asking if I was sick again.  No sweetie, BBT =/= regular temp taking.  Maybe I should get him a pamphlet...

Last night I went to the gym for a weight lifting class.  It was a lot of fun, even though today my arms are screaming at me.  Fun, except for there being a pregnant girl in the class.  Of course there was.  So even at the gym I can get away from it.  Honestly, I almost walked out as soon as I noticed her, even though class had already begun.  But I stayed.  She was in my field of vision the entire time.  But I stayed.  And didn't cry.

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