Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Doc update


That's really the only way to describe my appointment.  I'm still "young enough" to not worry about infertility.  But I kept pushing.  She wants M to provide a "sample" to rule him out.  He had an analysis done 3 years ago (everything came back normal) and said he was done then.  Last year he was supposed to provide one but didn't because he thought it was pointless.  When I told him last night he was ok with it.

So really, nothing can move forward until the sample results come back.  I'm frustrated that we can't do anything until then.  But baby steps, right?

1st step: wait for M to get over his cold and provide a healthy sample.  Wait for results.

2nd step: after results are in, meet w/doc again to discuss fertility specialists.  She has 3 that she works with, it'll just be up to me to decide if I want either the two locals or the one that commutes in once a week from Houston.  Probably the locals.

3rd step: meet with specialist.

Baby steps.  I have to keep telling myself that this isn't going to be easy, or fast.  It'll take time.  I figure if I don't tell myself "oh I'll have a plan within a month" then I won't be disappointed.  So I'll tell myself "by the end of the year."  Because surely something will have happened by then, right?

At least I didn't cry.

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